Mobile gaming on 3DS, Vita or iOS plus some real life musings

What am I playing?

Currently exploring Alola in Pokémon Moon  and traveling through Grimoire in World of Final Fantasy!

Review World of Final Fantasy

These past few weeks I have been traveling the world of Grymoire for the first time. I’m not really familiar with the other numerous games

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Fancy Epona in your New Leaf town?

Over here in the Netherlands we celebrate Sinterklaas on December 5th. It’s a children’s event; although it’s Sinterklaas’ birthday, he gives out presents to all

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Game Music to get you through the day

A while back I mentioned my iTunes game music list which is a perfect way to get through a stressful day. Just this week I

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Handheld gaming news with coffee, week 48

At the moment I’m looking at very grey weather, characteristic for the days before Christmas here in the Netherlands. But then, that’s how it supposed

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Game of the Month November

Only two more games that get to be Game of the Month this year. Secretly, I already know what my game of the month December

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Let it snow!

My favourite time of year is fast approaching. This weekend we will celebrate Sinterklaas’ birthday by giving each other presents. After that, it’s time to

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When Universal and Nintendo team up 

It’s been quite some time ago that we had some first rumors of Universal and Nintendo teaming up to bring a new themed world to

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The value of a game review

What is the value of a review? This question occurred to me when I opened my mailbox this morning. A fellow blogger had reviewed a

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Free stuff Disney Magical World 2

Strange how such things go: I had looked forward to this next installment of Disney’s Magical World so much. I even had the game pre-installed!

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