Mobile gaming on 3DS, Vita or iOS plus some real life musings

What am I playing?

Currently helping Jack in TheCabin (ACNL) and building Cantlin in Dragon Quest Builders!

World of Final Fantasy first impressions

World of Final Fantasy, a game for the Vita that hadn’t been on my radar for very long.  I did play some Final Fantasy games

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Handheld gaming news, week 42

Another week done and gone. For me, a sad week as we had to let Scotty go after being together for 14,5 years. But also

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Nintendo Switch combines consoles with handheld gaming. Perfect!

A couple of hours ago Nintendo presented their next generation in console gaming to the public. Finally! The rumours about the upcoming system, dubbed NX,

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Review Chase Cold Case Investigations

10 years ago Hotel Dusk: Room 215 was released on the DS.  The sequel, Last Window: The Secret of Cape West, released in 2010 for the

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Goodbye my little friend, who will rule our house now?

You know you will be there when your little four footed friend leaves this world. That’s the way it should be, our pets are supposed

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Handheld gaming news, week 41

A day late, I know. I usually bring you my handheld gaming news on Friday, but it’s been so super busy here yesterday. I didn’t

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Demo Dragon Quest Builders, first impressions

Dragon Quest Builders, a new kind of game that I have had on my radar for quite some time. Tomorrow, October 14, the game will arrive

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What content would you like to see? has been going strong for some time now, approaching 500 articles in 2,5 years time. First of all, thank you all for reading my

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Handheld gaming news week 40

The weather turned colder here in the Netherlands, hard to believe that just a month ago it was so hot in the house we could use

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