Mobile gaming on 3DS, Vita or iOS plus some real life musings

What am I playing?

Currently renovating TheCabin (ACNL) and making my Beaumonde town fashionable in Style Savvy Fashion Forward!

Monster Hunter Stories dragon collecting

As promised I gave the demo of Monster Hunter Stories a try. And let me tell you, it is every bit as nice as I

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Some coffee and gaming news, week 38

Hi there, come on in! Time for this weeks gaming news, let’s share a nice cup of coffee. Still no whipped cream on top for

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Playing video games aimed at girls less cool?

Can you tell me why it is that playing video games aimed at girls is considered less cool? I wondered about this riding the train this morning,

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Demo Monster Hunter Stories in Japan

Monster Hunter Stories is a spin off from the main Monster Hunter game and one that I have been really looking forward to. A couple

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Chase Cold Case Investigations is coming

Some weeks ago I mentioned a new game coming in this Gaming News with Coffee blog. Chase Cold Case investigations will be coming to the Nintendo

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Handheld gaming news with Coffee, week 37

Hello there my friend, here we are again. Time to share some handheld gaming news, this time about the Animal Crossing update removing weeds, setting

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Animal Crossing update and relaxing music

While we wait for a special Nintendo Direct about Animal Crossing, that is slated for November 2nd, I try to read between the lines at

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Gaming news with coffee, week 36

Come on in, my friend, time for our weekly gaming news  chat spiked with a bit of real life! What can I get you, your

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TheCabin is getting ready for the New Leaf tourists

Remember how I tend to say that I like to go where the gaming mood takes me? Well, this past week I’ve been doing just

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