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Ever Oasis, a mix of Animal Crossing and Fantasy Life

My E3 day yesterday was a good one, all because of the new game coming to the 3DS, called Ever Oasis. I already mentioned yesterday that my first impression was that of Animal Crossing mixed with Fantasy Life. You can find yesterday’s tidbits about handheld gaming here. Today I watched some of the actual gameplay Nintendo showed in their TreeHouse, and I’d like to add another game that comes to mind in the mix: Happy Street. Most of you might not know this mobile game, but it has the same way of building and stocking shops of all kind along a sort of shopping street.

Your character, Tethu, who can either be a girl or a boy, is a seedling like many of his friends. And not just any seedling, but a chosen seedling. You see, every seedling can build shops called a Bloom Booth, but only you can help build an entire oasis. It’s your responsibility to stock the shop, manage its finances, and make sure Noots, who also wander around in your oasis, have something to spend their money on.

Oasis 2But there’s a lot more to the game. The creator, Ishii, tells us that the main character goes on an adventures hoping to develop the oasis further. There are many adventures to face, but he will develop as he overcomes these challenges through the friendships he cultivates. Together with his spirit partner Isuna and the wind ability he has, he will have to do his best to solve various puzzles. Teaming up with other seedlings, he will have to slay monsters in battle.

You’ll see in the clip that questing works something like in the Golden Sun title that was released years ago for the DS: during the battle you can switch back and forth to your team members, because each of them has a special ability. For instance, Roto can turn into a little seed, and can be propelled through small holes using the lotus flowers that are in the dungeons. You’ll need him to go into another room in the dungeon and find a way to open the door from within. Much like in the Lego games, where you use various characters to do various chores.

oasis 4
The game has a distinct Egyptian/Arabian feel, which is a nice change, and gorgeous graphics of the kind I’m very partial to. It is set to be released somewhere in 2017, so I think we might be in for a long wait. Still, the gameplay they showed seemed pretty complete to me, but maybe things like multiplayer and streetpassing still have to be developed.


  1. Omg can’t wait for this! If you get let me know so we can play together because this looks so cute!!!

  2. This looked so terrific! I was really hoping the new IP would be something I would be interested in, and the town rebuilding aspect takes me right back to Dark Cloud which is one of my favorite games of all time. Can’t wait to hear a release date on this one!

      1. Dark Cloud and it’s successor Dark Cloud II were two amazing RPGs originally released years ago on the Playstation 2. I _highly_ recommend checking out Dark Cloud 2 over the first one – there is no continuity whatsoever so you’re not missing much, and 2 basically improves everything twenty-fold and adds so many great features.

        Generally speaking, you clear floors of randomly generated dungeons, find these things called “Geostones”, and then use them to rebuild towns to meet certain criteria.

        Extremely unique style of gameplay – haven’t found a game even close to it, to be honest.

        Dark Cloud 2 was recently re-released for Playstation 4 I believe (I played my PS2 disk on a PC emulator), and I can’t recommend it enough! I have a much longer blog post from April where I talk about all the best parts of it if you need more convincing 🙂

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