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11th Bag of Pick ‘n’ Mix Games

It’s the weekend, so it’s time for our tasty bag of Pick ‘n’ Mix Games!

The games listed here have been played by the contributors and all cost less than £15, but most will cost  less than £10. Games do go on sale from time to time, so if a game is on sale and we think it’s worth checking out; we shall be sure to mention it! 😀

Rogue Legacy – Nintendo Switch/PS Vita

Jonah’s Pick

Rogue Legacy is a rogue-like platform game that that’s highly addictive and plays excellent.

In the game, you take control of a King’s descendants whose task is to obtain an artefact to heal him. With lots of unlockables, upgrades, and procedurally generated levels, the game remains fresh. If this wasn’t enough, each character has unique traits that help to enhance gameplay even further.

As the trailer below states, “not all heroes are born equal.” What the world calls a handicap, Rogue Legacy identifies as a heroic trait. Even a so-called useless overweight or skinny short-sighted colour blind knight/paladin can be the hero that saves the day!

In my review, I labelled the game a celebration of human diversity. You can read my full review by clicking here.

Rogue Legacy is currently £10.49 / €14,99 / $14.99

Void Space Racing – Nintendo Switch

Evriun’s Pick

I reviewed Void Space Racing (VSR) back in July and had great fun playing it.

VSR is based on the PC game Orbital Racer, but it’s stripped back to be  a more basic racing game. However, it does take awhile to get used to the controls and is why I called it a marmite racer; you will likely either love it or hate it. 😛

It’s very different from other racing games I’ve played; there are no tracks, gravity or  friction. Racing in VSR is all about rotating, angling, tilting the right way and timing the brakes to get through rings as fast as you can to the finish.

I found the game very refreshing and really enjoyed the  electronic music it has for the soundtrack (which can be found on Sonka’s youtube channel: VSR Void Space Racing OST).

You can find my in depth review here: Void Space Racing (Switch) Review.

The regular price for Void Space Racing is £8.99 / €9,99 / $9.99 but it is now on sale for 89p! It may be on sale in other regions too; certainly worth a check I think. 😀

Into the Breach – Nintendo Switch

Pikodoodle’s Pick

Here’s one for fans of Advance Wars and the turn-based tactical genre.

I think of it as “apocalyptic pocket chess”. You control three mechs defending humanity against giant insectoids called the Vek. Each mission is very small-scale, taking place on a 8×8 grid of squares. To win a mission, you must simply survive 5 turns – which only takes 5 minutes or less if you’re a quick thinker, or 10-20 minutes if you like to chew over decisions slowly.

Put the game down any time you like, as it auto-saves. There are no manual saves, though, which means decisions should be made carefully and consequences carry over to subsequent missions.

The entire game can be finished in 2 hours (my shortest playthrough) or 8 hours (my longest), depending on how many “islands” you choose to battle on. Even if you finish the game, you’ll probably want to replay it with a new squad of mechs you’ve unlocked. I highly recommend ITB for its addictive gameplay and high replay.

Read my review of Into the Breach for more in depth information.

Into the Breach is currently: $14.99 / £11.39 / €14.99.

Persona Q – 3DS

Yvonne’s Pick

There are many instalments of the Shin Megami Tensei series, and also from the spin-off series Persona. The first one that eventually made it to the 3DS was Persona Q: a mix of great RPG fun of Persona, and the dungeon map making of Etrian Odyssey.

Your party is a group of high school students that gets stranded in the strange world of Yasogami High, where they find weird labyrinths to explore and to battle shadows in. There are normal Shadows, and there are FOE’s: stronger enemies that you can’t beat at first, but that move around the dungeon in a certain pattern, so that you can avoid them with some planning.

I picked the game this week as it’s on offer in the eShop in America and Canada for $ 9.99 until November 28. It’s a great game, and even writing about it makes me want to return to the weird and wacky world of Yasogami High. I know it’s rated M in America, but it’s rated 12+ in Europe. I wrote my review for the game here.

That’s all folks!
So that’s a wrap for our Pick ‘n’ Mix Games list this week. If you purchase one of the listed games above; please let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

The team at LadiesGamers wishes one and all a great weekend! 😀

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