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12th Bag of Pick ‘n’ Mix Games

It’s the weekend, so it’s time for our tasty bag of Pick ‘n’ Mix Games!

The games listed here have been played by the contributors and all cost less than £15, but most will cost  less than £10. Games do go on sale from time to time, so if a game is on sale and we think it’s worth checking out; we shall be sure to mention it! 😀

Freedom Planet – Switch/Wii U/PS4/Steam

Jonah’s Pick

Freedom Planet is a Sonic-like platformer from Marvelous games. It boasts 16-bit style graphics, great controls, brilliant level design and three unique characters with unique abilities. I haven’t played the game a great deal because I purchased it this morning but I’m instantly impressed by the game’s obvious quality.

In the space of a few minutes, I’ve hair whipped villains, performed air spin attacks, enjoyed underwater sections, performed high-speed Sonic-like spins in midair and on the ground. I’ve always wanted Freedom Planet for Switch, and the games current 35% discount was too tempting to turn down.

If you would like to play a little before purchasing, then there’s a free demo available on eShop.

Flower – PS Vita/PS3/PS4/iOS

Yvonne’s Pick

The genre of the game Flower is described at Relaxation, which really stands out in the sea of shooters, action and racing games. Well, I can use some relaxation in my busy life! In Flower, you control the wind, blowing a flower petal through the air using the movement of the Vita.

Each of the six chapters (and one credit level) is distinguished by a flower pot sitting silently on the windowsill of a busy city apartment. Selecting a plant will show you his dream, which range from bringing to life a dull and colourless field to destroying the power lines that are absorbing the energy of the plants around them.

Flower is still available on the Vita for € 7,99 and is available on iOS for € 5,49 (prices on other platforms may vary). You can read my thoughts about the game here in more detail. 

Scrabble – Mobile/Facebook

Evriun’s Pick

Ever played the board game Scrabble? Well this version is very similar, but you are able to: play with anyone that is playing it via Facebook or the mobile app (friends or random people), chat to them using messages, customise the way the board looks, use a dictionary built into the game and it even has several languages available.

There is also the (optional) Teacher function, that tells you how well they think you did and suggest a better word if they could find one. It’s useful for learning some obscure words.

If you enjoyed the original board game then you will likely enjoy this just as much, especially if you have friends or family that aren’t able to come round and play the board game in real life.

Scrabble is free to play, but there are payable extras for customising the game’s look and to have the Teacher function when playing via Facebook – the Teacher function is free on the app. There are adverts unfortunately, so that is the biggest downside to the game. 


Shantae and the Pirates Curse –
3DS/Wii U/Switch/Xbox One/PS4/Steam

Jonah’s 2nd Pick

Earlier this year, I had the privilege of reviewing the most recent game in the Shantae series: ‘Shantae: Half Genie-Hero Ultimate Edition’. It instilled within me a love for the Shantae games and it resulted in me wanting to play the previous game: ‘Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse’.

Although ‘Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse’ is available on multiple platforms, the 3DS version is now half price on the eShop. MyNintendo members can slash the retail price by 30% for 400 silver coins – but if you would prefer to play the same game on Nintendo Switch, then you can for less than £15.

The critical difference between ‘Half-Genie Hero’ and this older title, is that Shantae must save Sequin Land without magic powers and must fight her enemies like a pirate! Can she succeed? She will with your help!

That’s all folks!
So that’s a wrap for our Pick ‘n’ Mix Games list this week. If you purchase one of the listed games above; please let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

The team at LadiesGamers wishes one and all a great weekend! 😀

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