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14th Bag of Pick ‘n’ Mix Games

It’s the weekend, so it’s time for our tasty bag of Pick ‘n’ Mix Games!

The games listed here have been played by the contributors, and all cost less than £15, but most will cost less than £10. Games do go on sale from time to time, so if a game is on sale and we think it’s worth checking out; we shall be sure to mention it! 😀

9.1.1 Operator Bundle – Nintendo Switch

Jonah’s Pick

I’ve been interested in 9.1.1 Operator ever since it was reviewed at ladies gamers earlier this year.  The game puts the player in charge of emergency services, which means you’re in control of dispatching police, medics, and fire services to emergencies the world over.  More than that, you’re in charge of recruitment, purchasing and selling equipment, and dispersing amongst your crews.  It’s a heavy responsibility, and things can become hectic very quickly.  I’ve spent my first few hours getting used to controls and failing multiple times, but it’s addictive and currently on sale.  The best bit about this sale is that the bundle comes with two DLC packs.

So how much does this all cost?  The bundle’s original price is £19.69 | $22.00, but until the 14th of January, it costs just £7.87 | $8.80.  For some reason, the main game alone hasn’t been reduced so purchasing the bundle is a real no-brainer.

You can read Chamzen’s in-depth review by clicking here.

Passpartout: The Starving Artist – Switch

Yvonne’s Pick

Passpartout: the Starving Artist is currently on sale in the Nintendo eShop until January 3rd. It’s now €4,99| £4.49| $4.99. That’s a really good price for this simulation game. I’ve reviewed the game (find the review here) and gave it an I Like It. The painting is a bit inaccurate, but if you remember that this game has the emphasis on being a management game rather than a painting game you’ll do fine. 

You are the artist who is trying to keep afloat in a world of art critics and passers by who might just buy your work. Your bills will keep coming in while you try to paint what the public loves. After all, you have to buy baguettes and wine to keep going! Level up from a small garage box to a posh studio by pleasing the critics!

Don’t own a Switch? You can also buy the game on Steam and in the iOS Apple Store and Android Google Store.

Pokémon Shuffle – 3DS/Mobile

Evriun’s Pick

Pokémon Shuffle is a puzzle game that involves swapping and matching Pokémon together to try and defeat an opposing Pokémon. If you have played Pokémon Battle Trozei, you will already have a good idea of what to do in Shuffle.

The game is straight forward in concept, but uses many aspects from the main games; capturing Pokémon, using type advantages to gain an edge in battle, Pokémon getting stronger by leveling up, etc – There is plenty of strategy involved and it gets rather difficult later in the game.

I loved Pokémon Shuffle when it first came out and played it nearly daily for a year (until my data was erased). If you like Pokémon and puzzle games involving swapping and matching; this is a great game to play! 😀

Pokémon Shuffle is a freemium game, so you can download it and play for free, but can also purchase extras to give yourself a boost. The game is available on the 3DS via the eShop, as well as for iOS and Android.

Bomber Crew – Nintendo Switch

Jonah’s 2nd Pick

Have you ever wanted to be in control of your own bomber crew?  Well, now you can, in Curve Digital’s Bomber Crew for Nintendo Switch.

This was one of those games I personally didn’t want to review this year, but in the end, I was so glad I did. (find the review here) Recruit, customise your plane, complete missions, and make a real impact on the war effort.  Also be prepared to lose crew members to which you become attached, particularly those with high skill levels.

So, why is Bomber Crew my second pick?  Well, it’s currently on sale for £5.99!  That’s 50% off the original RRP.  Surely that’s legalised robbery!

Sales News

Gosh, there are sales galore on Nintendo’s eShop this month.  It’s Christmas after all!!!  Be sure to check out the full listings in your region because sale items may differ, sales generally last until January 3rd.  Some notable games on sale for under £15 are:

Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King – £8.99 |€ 9,99| America original price

The Gardens Between – £11.69| € 12,99 |America original price (our review is here)

Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story – £9.59|€ 10,39|$ 9.59 (our review is here)

Marble it Up! – £14.39|€ 15,99|$ 15.99

Mega Man X Legacy Collections 1 & 2 – £11.99 each |€ 14,99 each|America original price

A nice mention too that if you have Overcooked! 2, there’s now a free festive update available: Kevin’s Christmas Cracker. 

That’s all folks!
So that’s a wrap for our Pick ‘n’ Mix Games list this week. If you purchase one of the listed games above; please let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

The team at LadiesGamers wishes one and all a great weekend! 😀

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