2017 Retrospective

By Pikodoodle

2017 was a year of casual multiplayer games for me.

Not that I played them more than other types of games. It’s just that playing with other people, especially in the same room, doubles the fun. So what stands out when I look back on the year are moments spent laughing and screaming with friends.

Overcooked, a co-op cooking game, takes the prize.

I first tried it on my brother-in-law’s Switch. I liked it so much that I bought it for my PS4, though we had already conquered most of the levels on the Switch.

I love the high-tension frenzy of Overcooked, which requires efficient teamwork under pressure. Never got bored of the music, too.

I got to compare playing on two platforms, which yielded a slightly different experience, physically speaking.

The Switch Joy-Cons gave me finger cramps faster than the PS4 controller but also offered finer control. And when playing on the Switch, I seemed to pick up and put down items more accurately. And the lovely thing about the Switch is that you can play a three-player game of Overcooked with just one console. (The PS4 version allows two players to share one controller, but that’s a little awkward.)

Drawful is another multiplayer game I played a lot this year.

A draw-and-guess party game, it uses players’ smartphones/tablets as drawing pads. It was released recently on the Switch, within a bundle of party games called the Jackbox Party Pack.

Drawful 2 improves upon Drawful. This sequel isn’t out on the Switch, but you can find it on other platforms. I’d highly recommend either version for a night of hilarity with family and friends.

As for 2018? I’ve been crossing my fingers for a Vita port of Stardew Valley

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  1. Great choice Pikodoodle. I absolutely loved Overcooked. It’s one of my favorite multiplayer games that I’ve played this year. And Drawful 2 (and Jackbox Party Packs for that matter) has also brought so much hilarity during parties.

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