Gaming News – Tuesday 9th July

It’s time for gaming news! In this edition, we have details concerning new upcoming titles from N.I.S and PQube, while Nintendo releases Dr. Mario, and enjoys continued Super Mario Maker 2 success.

Dr. Mario World is out now!



Nintendo has released Dr Mario World for iOS and Android a day early! Reviews via the Google Play store app are mainly positive, but as with everything, there are some mixed and negative reviews too. I hope to spend time with the game over the next couple of days and share my thoughts at a later date. Please feel free to share your impressions in the comment section below.

Mario Maker 2 Level Uploads Hit 2 Million +

In just eleven days, Super Mario Maker 2 players have constructed and uploaded more than two Million stages.

Regarding new stages, I’ve uploaded three, the most recent one being a reworking of my first titled Nighttime Mayhem. If you’d like to try my latest creations, then the codes for each stage are as follows:

Nighttime Mayhem Deluxe – BH6 PCV 9LF
Find the Pink Coins – VWL 6Y4 T7G
Happy Bie Hunting – 4JL L3M 0GF

Tetris 99 receiving a physical release in September

Tetris 99 is probably the primary perk of signing up to Nintendo’s Online service. Tetris 99 takes the well-known puzzle game and mixes it with battle royale elements. If you’re yet to sign up to Nintendo’s subscription service, then you can still enjoy Tetris 99 offline modes by paying £8.99 via the eShop or wait for the upcoming physical release on 20th September.

Raise a daughter in Ciel Fledge and Battle Daemons in The Alliance Alive HD on Switch

PQube is bringing Ciel Fledge to Nintendo Switch. In the game, you raise and nurture young Ciel following an alien attack on ARK 3. The game is due to release this Autumn.

NIS is busy bringing another title to Nintendo Switch. The game is called The Alliance Alive HD Remastered, and even though I couldn’t find an English press release, the game description on Youtube reads as follows:

“Brought together by circumstance (or perhaps by fate), nine unlikely heroes find themselves gathered under the banner of revolution. Though each of them carries different goals and motives, their calling is the same: unite the pockets of resistance across the Realms, and challenge the Daemons that have enslaved their world! Will they rise up and pierce through the darkness, or be engulfed by it?”

The game is set to release on 11th October.

That’s it from me.

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