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30XX Early Impressions Part 2

Preview code provided with many thanks to Stride PR. 

The Year is 30XX

30XX is a 2D rogue-lite adventure that is heavily inspired by the Mega Man series. Since Capcom doesn’t seem to have much love for this series, leave it to the indies to fill in the void. 30XX is the sequel to 20XX, a title I still enjoy today. After mastering the game on PC my good buddy and I have decided to start afresh on Nintendo Switch since we enjoy it so much.

I never had the biggest love for the Mega Man series but it was actually thanks to 20XX that I revisited it and discovered a greater appreciation for it. But enough fanboying outlets talk about 30XX. We covered the game last year when it first entered Early Access. Today’s article is an update to the changes that have been made to the game and why you may want to consider supporting it in its continued venture into Early Access.

LadiesGamers 30XX
Things are heating up

A Refresher

A quick refresher on what 30XX is. You can choose between two characters Ace and Nina. Nina relies on her arm cannon whilst Ace is more melee-focused. The goal of the game is to go from level to level defeating eight robot-like bosses (sound familiar). As you explore the levels you will defeat multiple robotic minions. In addition, you’ll have your platforming skills tested to the limit by jumping on changing platformers, wall sliding and a good bit of dashing. Along your journey, you also get the opportunity to complete mini-challenges, by performing well you will unlock more perks to choose from to buff your stats.

Co-op locally or Online

If you play the game on its standard rogue-lite setting every level is randomly generated making the game highly replayable. Defeat will come thick and fast to start with. But as you familiarize yourself with the gameplay and by upgrading your perks the next time around is just a little easier. 30XX seems to just strike that nice balance of improving your gameplay skills naturally whilst not fully relying on increasing perks. A really skilled player could finish a run of this game without any assistance with time. Oh, and did I mention this game can be enjoyed in co-op locally or online, something that really brings the experience to life.

LadiesGamers 30XX
The graphics and level design make an instant positive impression

The most notable change of 30XX from the previous entry is the graphics have received a beautifully pixelated overhaul. Levels are incredibly colourful, the enemies are varied with some really impressive animations making for a memorable experience, making each level a joy to replay. On top of that, you have an outstanding soundtrack which I purchased off Steam day one and still listen to this day while writing articles. If you’re looking for a score to inject a shot of positive energy this is it.

LadiesGamers 30XX
Find some little robots to aid you in battle

The biggest change to the game is the developers have added a new mode that allows you to play the game more like a typical Mega Man game. You choose which robot boss to go after right from the get-go. This makes the game less of a rogue-lite and more of a traditional platform adventure. Which may appeal to those put off by the rogue-lite design. For me the appeal of this title is still the rogue-lite design, jumping in on a random level and accepting the fate the gaming gods bestow upon you.

LadiesGamers 30XX
Bring a friend locally or online

Upcoming Update

In the recent update I played, I got to enjoy the game’s 8th level WaterGrav. Which features a lot of fishy robotic enemies and a new main boss. The platform sections feature moving bodies of water with a switch of a button or have your character running on the ceiling depending on which directed arrows you walk into.

This update also features new armour pieces to buff your stats, which are usually earned by defeating a mini-boss or finishing a challenge in the level. The game now also features lore terminals so you can stop and read more about the world of 30XX. Lastly, the game features a ‘Spicy’ difficulty in case you found the already challenging game too easy.

LadiesGamers 30XX
Not into the rogue-lite? play the game more like a traditional platform adventure

With this update, it sees the core eight levels of the game ready for action. So next up we’ll likely see the final boss level as well as a host of tweaks to the gameplay. And just maybe we’ll see some new playable characters. Even in the games Early Access state 30XX is showing huge promise. If you are a fan of rogue-lite games or the Mega Man series this is not to be missed.

LadiesGamers 30XX
Beware the dreaded black hole

30XX is currently available in Early Access on Steam/PC. If you want to support the developers and follow the game’s journey to full release be sure to check it out. You can also buy the game’s soundtrack which I highly recommend if you’re into your video game scores. When this eventually comes out to Nintendo switch I’ll be there on day one. 


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