3DS eShop Recommendations

As promised, I’m back with some recommendations on games you may want to look into purchasing from the 3DS eShop before it closes down for good. Some of these I’m sure you’ll find on one of the (many, MANY) similar lists and videos currently posted around the internet. Some are favorites of mine that I haven’t seen anywhere else.  Let’s get started!  

Virtual Console Games 

I won’t be recommending anything in particular here, but don’t forget they exist and are probably the best way to play these retro titles. Of special note: Don’t forget your Pokémon games. If you had any idea of trying to transfer some of the pre-DS Pokémon into the Poke Bank, this is your chance to do so. There are also classic Mario, Kirby, Zelda, and even Sega titles. This is a treasure trove we will soon lose access to. 

Games with Cartridge Availability 

Cartridge copies are getting more expensive. For a lot of titles (Dragon Quest VII and VIII come to mind) buying through the eShop is the cheapest way to buy these games. Most likely, they will only go up further after the eShop closes. Take a good look at your collection and decide if there are any holes you want to fill at an affordable price. Especially note any Atlus and JRPG titles, many of which are already going for very high prices. 


This is the first of my personal favorites. I’ve had this game for about a decade now, and although I never got very far in it, I love playing it in short bursts as it’s very relaxing. You play as a sphere in a shadowy world solving physics-based puzzles. What really stands out in this title for me is the sound design. The gentle clinking of the ball as it navigates the environment and the atmospheric soundtrack make this a personal favorite for brief play sessions. 

Pocket Card Jockey 

Pocket Card Jockey is a title that sounds bizarre on paper but works extremely well when played. You play a jockey who is trampled by horses. You’re given a second chance at life and the ability to control and power your racehorses through the one hobby you are kind of good at solitaire. Developed by Game Freaks (yes, the ones who develop the Pokémon games) the bulk of the gameplay is racing horses on the top screen while playing solitaire on the bottom to help them succeed.

There are some aspects to manage such as horse mood, stamina, and energy. Later in the game, you can breed retired horses to get better racehorses. It even has StreetPass! Frankly, it’s very addictive and excellent for short play sessions. 

Rhythm Heaven Megamix 

You may recall the wildly popular Rhythm Heaven game on the DS where you play a bunch of mini rhythm games. Well, there’s a sequel on the 3DS that will soon be locked away in the eShop forever (at least in the US. The EU did get a cartridge version). Even if they someday port it to another system, the stylus appears to be a feature of the past and if you’re someone who (like me) prefers to play rhythm games with tapping instead of button pressing you better get this title before it’s unavailable.  

Louvre Guide 

This is another title that technically has a cartridge, but it’s only sold at the Louvre! This is a guide for the Louvre art gallery in France. As such, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you like art it’s worth picking up. I find it slightly tough to navigate since it’s just a map of the museum, but the audio guide segments and photos/models of the various pieces of artwork are really quite fascinating. It offers a few guided tours, and also allows you to build your own route through the museum based on some of the art you want to see. Frankly, I wish the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC went the 3DS route. This looks like a very handy guide indeed. 

Oh, and it’s the only 3DS title I’ve ever seen written up in The New York Times. 


It’s quite fun to be able to send your friends notes on the 3DS and SwapDoodle makes that possible. And it’s free to download! Here are Yvonne’s thoughts on it here. 

That’s all for now. I have some other games I’m still playing on the 3DS, so I’m sure you’ll see more from me before the summer is over. If you have any favorites you think I should check out, please let me know in the comments! 

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