3DS Game of the Year 2016

3DS Game of the Year 2016

Time for the third and last poll to make our election of Handheld Game of the Year complete: let’s choose our 3DS Game of the Year 2016!

Like we saw the years before, a lot of new games were released on the 3DS, and added to an already very extensive library. There’s a game for everyone on the 3DS, and it wouldn’t do to name them all in the poll. I added the ones I played and the ones that were mentioned in my weekly Gaming News with Coffee. But if your favourite isn’t there, then please feel free to add it to the poll.

Deadline to choose Ladiesgamers’ Handheld Game of the Year

All three polls are on the site now, one for mobile games on iOS and Android, one for the Vita and one for the 3DS. So don’t forget to choose in the other categories too. The Handheld Game of the Year will be chosen based on the number of votes given until December 30! So be sure to vote before that date!


  1. There are so many good choices for the 3DS this year. Seriously, my top five games this year thus far are 3DS games. There is one definite winner for me though, and I’m glad it’s currently winning the poll!

  2. What an amazing year for the 3DS! I almost feel bad for those people who think that iOS and Android devices are superior to the 3DS; they miss out on so many amazing games. And the same with those who only want to game while tethered to their home consoles or PCs. I voted for Pokemon, mostly because this past incarnation has been a huge step up for the franchise, but I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the above games that I’ve played this year: Fire Emblem, Monster Hunter, Dragon Quest and others.

    1. It was a great year! I didn’t put Animal Crossing Welcome Amiibo on the list, because it’s not a new game, technically. But it’s so great to get such gameplay from a 3 year old game too!

  3. So many great games on this list! I haven’t played the new Pokémon games yet, but I plan on doing so soon! I chose Kirby Planet Robobot because I had SO much fun with that game, and every level was so fun and innovative. 🙂

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