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4th Bag of Pick ‘n’ Mix Games

Here we go again!

Another week has passed which means it’s time for another list of Pick ‘n’ Mix games.  As usual, game prices do not exceed £15 and this weeks cheapest costs a mere £2.99.  We’ve also got a PS Vita recommendation from Yvonne for Innocent Life which features at the end of the article.

Nefarious – Nintendo Switch (Code provided by Digerati) 

Who would have thought that being evil could be so fun! In Nefarious, the player controls villainous Crow who delights in honouring the long-held gaming tradition of kidnapping princesses.  His goal is to create  the dreaded Doom Howitzer ray! However, it just so happens that each princess has more influence over Crow than than he would like . The game’s writing is funny, visuals looks great, and I love the soundtrack. In-game currency can be used to purchase weapon and ability enhancements such as harder and quicker punches and bullet gloves.  You’re also given the chance to face so called hero’s by taking the role of a traditional end level boss.

If you’re a perfectionist then you can challenge yourself by seeking to finish each stage by obtaining the highest grade possible.  High grades are obtained by dying less and by obtaining three crowns and one vinyl from each stage.  Personally speaking, I’ve died quite a few times while trying to achieve 100% completion so I can verify that fans of the genre will find a nice amount of challenge here.

Professor Layton and the Curious Village HD for Mobile – iOS/Android.

Curious Village was the first and possibly the best Professor Layton game from the much beloved franchise and now it has been polished up for mobile and costs less than £10.  In spite of not having the benefit of Dual Screens, the game’s two screen design has been adapted well to mobile devices, and even though I finished the game years ago, revisiting the story and puzzles feel as if I’m visiting St. Mystere for the first time.  The game is available for both iOS and Android.

For more information about this remake then check out Yvonne’s article here.

Chameleon Run – Nintendo Switch and Mobile

This game is a blast!  It currently costs between £1.99 & £2.99 depending on the system of your choice.  In Chameleon Run, your character is required to run and jump from platform to platform while changing colours in order to match the colour of the corresponding platform.  You are also set tasks in order to earn Chameleon awards which are then used to unlock more levels.  These tasks will include collecting every marble, obtaining every Chameleon Stone, and finishing a stage without switching colour.  This game is a must for those that enjoy games like Runner 3 and auto-run platformers like Kid Tripp.

Reflect Missile/Trajectile DSi/3DS

Reflect Missile is a fun game that was first released as DSiware in 2010.  The game’s objective is to blow up enemy squares by using a set number of available missiles which be fired in a set number of turns.  Players can fire and target missiles by using the DS touch-screen.  There are three missile types to master, power up blocks to hit, and a nice variety of stages to provide gamers with hours of fun.

Reflect Missile or Trajectile is still available to purchase for US region console owners.

Innocent Life: a Futuristic Harvest Moon – PS Vita (Yvonne’s Pick)

When Jonah asked me to find a Vita game to add to the Pick ‘n Mix of this week, I turned to Innocent Life. I love myself some good farming, and when I played this game a few years ago I was pleasantly surprised. It’s a totally different approach to Harvest Moon, and I loved it.

This time, my little YvoCaro character wasn’t even human, she was a robot. And used very advanced technology to grow crops and raise animals. Currently, it’s in the PSN online shop for $9.95, and in Europe for €9,99. And for that price, you can even buy a package in the European PSN Store that includes Harvest Moon Hero of Leaf Valley as well ( the more traditional kind of farming game).

I couldn’t find a good trailer to the game, so I just shared the first part of the gameplay (see below).  If you want to find my thoughts on the game, you can find them here.

That’s all folks!

So that’s our picks for this week.  If readers have any suggestions for games you would like to see included in our Pick ‘n’ Mix, then please let us know via either the comment section below, by e-mail, or Social Media.  A big thank you must also be extended to Digerati for supplying us with codes for Nefarious and Hacky Zack.

Happy gaming!

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