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5th Bag of Pick ‘n’ Mix Games

It’s the weekend which means its time for another Pick ‘n’ Mix games list.  Every game listed here has been chosen due to its cheap price and quality.  It’s also important to note that each title has been both played and enjoyed by our contributors.

Frost – Nintendo Switch (Code kindly provided by Digerati)

I never imagined becoming engrossed by a card game but Frost keeps drawing me back. The game itself is designed to fit in with a story about a group of survivors seeking refuge from a deadly storm. Whether the storm catches up to the group depends on whether you can satisfy the resources required by the region card which sits in the middle of the screen. This is accomplished by using the correct resource cards which isn’t a straight forward process.

Frost is a tactical card game. In order to obtain the right resources, players must use idea cards or trade events to exchange resources. You’re also required to risk the lives of your group by sending them out to scavenge for much needed items. If successful, your scavenger will return with the required item or come back fatigued. When fatigued, you end up with a useless card which can only be disposed of by resting, but you can’t rest for too long, for the storm is on your trail. If your scavenger dies you lose a health point and you only have 4 to begin with.

You may also encounter the likes of wolves which if aren’t killed will end up killing one of your group. If you end your turn without successfully travelling then the storm counter will decrease meaning the storm is getting closer.  If you can travel at the end of your turn then you’ll move one day ahead of the storm.

Frost currently costs £11.69/€12,99 in Europe and $12.99 in the US.

You can read Yvonne’s frost review by clicking here.

Jack n’ Jill DX – Nintendo Switch/PS Vita

Jack n’ Jill DX is a fun one button platformer that’s great to play in short bursts.  The game includes 140 stages, nice customisable and unlock-able options, and it only costs a few pounds to purchase.  The title starts off simple enough, but before you know it, poor Jack and Jill will have to contend with spiky objects, huge chasms, and numerous foes both on the ground and in the air. As you progress, Jack and Jill will have to bounce, fly, and wall jump to the end of each stage in order to reach each other. I’ve had a blast playing this and I’ve written more in depth about it in my Jack n’ Jill DX review.

Mario vs Donkey Kong: Mini’s March Again – DS/3DS

Mario vs Donkey Kong is a great franchise.  My favourite game in the franchise is probably the original DS sequel but a downloadable title was released for DSiware in 2009 called Mario vs Donkey Kong: Mini’s March Again.  Once again, DK has kidnapped Pauline and Mario with the help of his Mini Toys must rescue her from his clutches.  The game requires the player to guide their minis to the exit by using items such as blocks, girders and springs.  Once your Mini’s are activated, there’s no way to stop them, so it’s wise to plan your tactics before setting off.  Sadly due to there being no Wi-Fi support, players can no longer create and share levels but that doesn’t detract anything from the main title itself.

Mario vs Donkey Kong: Minis March Again costs £7.19 UK or $7.99 US.

Ironcast – Nintendo Switch (Evriun’s pick)

Ironcast is a brilliant turn-based, steampunk-mech combat strategy game, with match-three puzzle and RPG elements; all nicely combined together to make an interesting game set in a fictional 1880’s Victorian England.

I’ve had many hours of fun playing Ironcast – love match-three puzzle games! 😀 The campaign is randomly generated, so each time you start a campaign; you never know what enemies you will face (except key characters to the plot) or what bonus items/materials you will acquire throughout the game. Also, you get to choose your Ironcast’s parts and upgrade it with exp gained from battles – which adds a lot to the replay value. Since a number of game elements are randomly generated; luck plays a big part and can make the game feel more difficult during one attempt compared to another – I liked the randomness; kept each play through interesting for me! 😀

Ironcast is also available on Steam, PS4 and Xbox One, but the Switch version has the lovely added bonus of portability as well as touch screen controls – both of which are perfect for the type of game Ironcast is and works great for short bursts (and gaming with a cuppa! 😛 )

Ironcast on Switch currently costs: £12.99 | €14,99 | $12.99 (may have a discounted price)

Broken Age – PS Vita (Yvonne’s pick)

Broken Age is a point and click adventure game made by Tim Schafer and his production company Double Fine. It was his first graphic adventure since he made Grim Fandango in 1998. I actually played it on my iPad but it’s also available on the PS Vita.

The game is about two teenagers; Vella, who is to be sacrificed to protect her home village Sugar Bunting from a giant monster, and Shay, who appears to be the only passenger on a spacecraft monitored by an overly motherly computer. Two adventures, and both totally different lives.

As they both live in dire times and emotions are running high, this puzzler is told with a nice dose of humour. The story is just as important as the puzzles, as you can’t wait to find out how it all ends. Easy to pick up and play, but you might want to stay glued to the screen! My thoughts on the game are here.

Broken Age on the Vita currently costs: €14,99 | $14.99 | €14,99 (but there’s a discount currently, so at the moment of writing it’s only € 6,99)

However, if you don’t own a Vita or don’t want to play on mobile, the game is also out on Switch now, for the price of $ 14.99 |€ 12,99

That’s it for this week

So here’s another 5 picks for gamers to ponder over this week.  If you decide to purchase any of the above listed titles then please let us know in the comment section below.  The team at ladiesgamers wish all our readers a great weekend.

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