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6th Bag of Pick ‘n’ Mix Games

It’s Saturday, which means it’s time for another Pick ‘n’ Mix Games list. It’s also important to note that each game listed has been played and enjoyed by the contributor.

Bleed 2 – Nintendo Switch (Code provided by Digerati)

Jonah’s Pick

If you enjoy rough and tumble platformers then you’ll love Bleed 2.  The game’s hero is called Wryn whose TV viewing is interrupted thanks to an alien invasion.  The game starts with Wryn jumping to her feet carrying a sword and two automatic weapons.  As soon as she runs from her apartment, complete carnage breaks lose as soon as Wryn spots the waiting invaders.  Suddenly, the screen is filled with weapon fire, and the worlds greatest hero gets to show why she owns that title. Apart from being handy with guns and swords, she can jump and glide through the air with ease, and even slow time Matrix style.  Our hero also fires and slashes with accuracy and ease thanks to the implementation of dual stick aiming.

Even though the game contains just 7 levels, I’ve been busy trying to perfect my game in order to obtain higher grades.  There are also 4 game modes that does a great job of mixing up and extending play.  Story mode focuses on plot and provides the novice with much needed checkpoints and unlimited lives.  Arcade ups the ante by challenging pro players to tackle the game with just one life.  Endless mode allows you to run and gun through random-generated stages, and challenge mode allows you to battle up-to 3 game bosses at a time.

If you enjoy the likes of Gunstar Heroes then I highly recommend Bleed 2.  It’s fast, fun, plays great and fits within the Pick ‘n’ Mix Games price range.  The game currently costs £13.49/€14.99/$14.99

Day of the Tentacle – iOS/PS Vita

Pikodoodle’s Pick

Available on iOS for $4.99, DOTT is a wacky 1993 point-and-click from the golden era of LucasArts adventure games. Time travel, a mad scientist, and an evil Purple Tentacle? Sounds like a kids’ cartoon, but adults will enjoy this as much as I first did at the age of nine.

I revisited DOTT this year and still got a kick out of this zany game, in which you save the world by altering events in the past, present, and future. Don’t let how “old” it is fool you; DOTT is still an excellent game by modern standards. Plus, the 2016 remastered edition has cleaned up rough edges in both graphics and music. The game can be finished in a few hours – though several hours is more likely. You can save at any point, so DOTT is great for busy people.

Pinball FX 3 – Nintendo Switch

Evriun’s Pick

Pinball FX 3 by Zen Studios can be downloaded for free with a few tables already included, and additional tables can be purchased if you want more variety. There are also upgrades to unlock (to help give your score a boost), challenges to complete, mastery of tables to achieve, online leader boards and even a multiplayer mode.

Each table is themed and several are based on popular video games, films and TV programmes (great fun for the fans). Several themes available for purchase; Portal, Fallout, Skyrim, Walking Dead, Jaws, E.T, Back to the Future, Alien, Family Guy, Archer, as well as non-media themes; medieval, sci-fi, Zen classics – and more!

The table packs currently range in price, from £2.69 up to £9.89; the more tables (typically) included, the higher the price – but it also depends on their theme. More tables are due to become available in the future, with the most recent (as of typing this) being based on the real life machines made by the company Williams.

If you are a fan of pinball games it’s worth a download – especially since the core game is free!  😀

Mini Metro – Mobile/ Nintendo Switch

Yvonne’s Pick

Maybe it takes a person who likes travelling by train or other forms of public transport. Or maybe a person who would love to manage large crowds going from A to B. Or just someone who would like a puzzle challenge. Anyway, my pick for this week is Mini Metro

If you have travelled through London on the Tube, or in New York in the Sub, you will instantly recognise the maps the game uses. You start out with three stations, represented by a circle, a square and a triangle. As some of your passengers want to go to a circle, or a square or triangle, you have to connect the stations.

Trains then start to travel on the line. Back and forth, or if you’ve made a loop, around and around. And each time a passenger is delivered at the destination, you get one point. And it’s your job to make sure stations don’t overcrowd.

The game includes a daily challenge with other players, and many well known metro networks from around the world. It’s available on mobile for $4.99| € 5,99 and on Switch for $9.99|€ 8,49. If you want to know more, my review is here.

Sale News

Just incase readers are unaware, publisher Nicalis is currently holding an eShop sale. Titles like Cave Story +, VVVVVV, and Ittle Dew 2+ are available for half-price. Other titles like Tiny Barbarian DX and The End is Nigh currently are on sale with a 66% price discount. The sale ends next Saturday so make sure you snap up whatever you can before the deadline hits.

So that’s it for this week!  The team will be back next week with another list of budget picks.  For now, the team wishes all our readers a great game filled weekend.

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