8bitdo Bluetooth Wireless Adapter

8bitdo produce USB Wizzardry for Switch!

If you own a Switch and need extra controllers, then you may be interested in the USB Bluetooth adapter from 8bitdo.

What does this dongle do?  Well it enables PS3, PS4, Xbox One S, Wii U Pro, and even Wiimote controllers to be synced to your Switch.  Simply dock the system (the console must be docked), insert the dongle into an available USB port, make one simple adjustment under system settings, and you’ll be playing in no time. It’s really that simple!

Due to being a Nintendo gamer, I don’t have Playstation or Xbox controllers to hand, but I can confirm that the device works flawlessly with both Wiimote and Wii U Pro-controllers. The Wii U Pro-controller works extremely well but lacks vibration, and motion control capabilities. Wiimote’s work great too as long as you plan to play something that requires minimal buttons such as ‘Super Bomberman R’.  Attach a Wii Classic Controller to a Wiimote and you have a fully operational basic controller, but sadly, a nunchuck attachment is currently unusable.

The dongle is also compatible with Windows and Mac OS, which means you can sync the controllers previously mentioned (even Joy-Cons) to compatible computers.

The only downside is that it can’t sync with more than one controller at a time.

So how much does this miraculous dongle cost? It costs between £13-£17 on Amazon UK and $19.99 on Amazon US.

8bitdo’s dongle is a great buy and I strongly recommend it to anyone with a Switch, who wants to play multiplayer games in docked mode, without having to buy new controllers in order to do so.

Wii U Pro-controller compatible with 8bitdoWii U Pro-controller

PS4 controller compatible with 8bitdoPS4 Controller


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