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8BitDo Ultimate 2.4G Wireless Controller with Charging Dock Review

Many thanks to Agility PR and Game Outlet Europe for supplying the 8BitDo Ultimate 2.4G Wireless Controller with Charging Dock for review.

The 8BitDo Ultimate Controller with Charging Dock in black or white is for Windows and Android. It’s got a 2.4g connectivity, and it is a sturdy piece of kit, weighing in at 228g. However, it doesn’t feel over heavy in the hands.


8BitDo Ultimate Controller LadiesGamers
Ultimate 2.4G Wireless Controller

It arrived in a box well packaged with everything protected inside. Inside was the controller, a slick-looking charging dock, a 1m USB cable and the instruction leaflet in the box.

The 2.4g adapter to connect the controller to your computer is stored inside the back of the charging dock. A handy place to keep it so you don’t lose it. Upon opening, I was struck by the substantial feel of the controller in my hand. In addition, it fits perfectly into my hands and gaming with it is very comfortable.

8BitDo Ultimate Controller LadiesGamers
well packaged

8bitdo’s controller has Xbox face buttons which is excellent for PC as 99% of games on PC use that layout.
A mode switch on the back of the controller allows you to change it from X-input to D-input.

You can have three custom profiles and easily adjust to them. The two Pro-level back buttons will give you additional control options. In addition, there is the Ultimate Software for PC that you can download and customise the controller to your needs. As well as adjust the stick and trigger sensitivity and create macros for any button combinations.

Ultimate Controller with Charging Dock

8BitDo Ultimate Controller LadiesGamers
Contents of box

The dock is great looking and has good wireless features. Of course, you can connect and charge with USB-C if you are in a pinch, but using the dongle is preferable. The controller resting on the dock is aesthetically pleasing, and it is an excellent quality-of-life feature. The dock gives off a gentle white glow from a strip on the bottom of it. It’s not bright or intrusive and indicates the controller is on charge.

8BitDo Ultimate Controller LadiesGamers
Charging dock

Once I plugged in the USB dongle, my Windows 11 laptop instantly recognised it, and I could play right away using the controller. There isn’t any lag from the dongle, nor did the connection break, as some unreliable Bluetooth connections can.


8BitDo Ultimate Controller LadiesGamers

All the buttons are responsive, and the sticks feel great with a smooth rotation. The D-pad is reminiscent of the d-pad from classic consoles from years gone by. It feels solid, but it is also responsive and well-designed.

The back of the controller has a non-slip surface. The surface, at first, felt rough, but you get used to it. In addition, it gives excellent grip for extended playing sessions, and the controller won’t slide out of sweaty hands. With 15 play hours from 2-3 hours of charging time, the 8BitDo Ultimate Wireless Controller will give you plenty of playtime.

Similar to the Pro Controller

8BitDo Ultimate Controller LadiesGamers
Looks great in the dock.


There is no mistaking how similar the 8BitDo Ultimate Wireless Controller looks to the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, and it feels much the same in the hands as the pro controller. Of course, this controller will only work on Windows or Android, and it is an excellent addition to my gaming. I will be using it often in my gaming adventures.

I recommend it to fellow gamers, it is an excellent controller. Here’s the link to the official 8BitDo Ultimate 2.4G Wireless Controller with Charging Dock page. The controller can be purchased from other outlets, such as Amazon.

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