Chat-a-Lot for Nintendo 3DS Via A Third Party Developer

Remember how I wrote some time back about how I missed Swapnote/Letterbox? ( you can find that blog here:
A friend kindly corrected me that the MiiVerse certainly had its good points, and that it was a perfect way to share with friends too. And I agree about MiiVerse in the WiiU, but I still haven’t found my footing in the MiiVerse on the 3DS. I just miss being able to communicate directly with my 3DS friends!

So I was pleased to see this app (by a third party developer) appear in the eShop. I’ve downloaded it, and though it does look good, I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet, as none of my 3DS friends has downloaded it, or so it seems. Maybe because there’s a price tag involved of $7,99, whereas Swapnote was free. It does feature extras though, like several colors to draw in, a voice function and a possibility to chat with 10 friends in the chat room at the same time.

See what you think viewing this video, and if it’s worth the price for you. I hope it will be released in the European eShop too soon, as it will hopefully make for a lot more chatting.



  1. Thanks for writing about this app, I will definately get it once I secure a US 3DS. I also really enjoyed Nintendo Letterbox, as it was called in Australia. I do love Miiverse though!

    1. Well I like MiiVerse too, but when we are messaging on that, I have to use my WiiU to see it. I haven’t found one on one messaging in MiiVerse on the 3DS.

  2. One on one messaging, yeh. Something like an online Pictochat woud be cool, hopefully this new one will be something similar.

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