Chat-a-Lot for Nintendo 3DS Via A Third Party Developer

Remember how I wrote some time back about how I missed Swapnote/Letterbox? ( you can find that blog here:
A friend kindly corrected me that the MiiVerse certainly had its good points, and that it was a perfect way to share with friends too. And I agree about MiiVerse in the WiiU, but I still haven’t found my footing in the MiiVerse on the 3DS. I just miss being able to communicate directly with my 3DS friends!

So I was pleased to see this app (by a third party developer) appear in the eShop. I’ve downloaded it, and though it does look good, I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet, as none of my 3DS friends has downloaded it, or so it seems. Maybe because there’s a price tag involved of $7,99, whereas Swapnote was free. It does feature extras though, like several colors to draw in, a voice function and a possibility to chat with 10 friends in the chat room at the same time.

See what you think viewing this video, and if it’s worth the price for you. I hope it will be released in the European eShop too soon, as it will hopefully make for a lot more chatting.


  1. Thanks for writing about this app, I will definately get it once I secure a US 3DS. I also really enjoyed Nintendo Letterbox, as it was called in Australia. I do love Miiverse though!

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