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A Juggler’s Tale Review

Game: A Juggler’s Tale
Genre: Cinematic Puzzle Platformer, Adventure
System: Steam, Windows (also on Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, & Xbox One)
Developers | Publishers: kaleidoscube | Mixtvision
Age Rating: US E10+ | EU 7+
Controller Support: Full
Price: US $17.99 | UK £12.99 | EU € 14,99
Release Date: September 29th, 2021

Review code used, with many thanks to Mixtvision

A Juggler’s Tale is a cinematic puzzle-platformer from developers kaleidoscube and published by Mixtvision.

A Juggler’s Tale LadiesGamers
The story begins.

Escape the Circus

In A Juggler’s Tale, storyteller and puppeteer Jack shows his audience the theatre play of Abby performing on stage. You see, little Abby is an imprisoned circus artiste with visible stings holding her up, she is a string puppet. Of course, you play the part of Abby.

At night after each show, poor Abby is locked up in a cage by the cruel circus master. Abby longs for freedom and to venture out into the wide world. She escapes the circus and starts out on her journey. Alas, after a brief moment of freedom Abby finds herself dragged into the dangers the world has to offer. Ending up in a war-torn, medieval fairytale, surrounded by ravaged, starving citizens and hunted by a relentless cut-throat, Tonda.

A Juggler’s Tale LadiesGamers
Abby a puppet on a string

Abby will travel across raging rivers, avoid traps and solve puzzles along the way. All the while she is accompanied by an invisible Jack who narrates the story to the player in rhyme, he also holds Abby’s strings and gives a helping hand when needed.

A Juggler’s Tale LadiesGamers
Escape the cage

Big Glossy Storybook

Now I’ve got all that out of the way, I want to tell you that when I first started playing A Juggle’s Tale I was blown away by how beautiful this game looks. It’s like playing a big glossy storybook, as Jack imparts Abby hopes and fears throughout the game into my ears. A little tip, wear headphones while playing this game.

The English voice artist for the game has a lovely charismatic voice, one that I could just listen to for hours and he puts so much feeling into relaying the story in a voice full of emotion.

The story is told in such a way that it reminded me of a fairy tale or some folklore from days gone by. The game isn’t long, depending on your gaming skills around two to three hours in all. What it lacks in length it makes up for with an engrossing storyline.

A Juggler's Tale LadiesGamers
Mind Abby’s strings don’t get caught

Watch out for Abby’s Strings

Puzzles that Abby has to complete mostly requires you to move on along the side-scrolling path. Such as laying a path of planks on the river so she can cross, or lighting torches in the rain (that’s fun!) so Abby can burn the branches of the trees that are blocking her path. Don’t forget, Abby has stings attached to her and they can get caught on a lot of things in her surroundings.

Other puzzles involve sneaking past guards who carry torches, if you get caught in the light the guard chases Abby who can’t run fast. Inevitably she will get caught and put back a little on the path to try again.

A Juggler’s Tale LadiesGamers
Watch out for the dogs’ teeth

Visual Clues to the Puzzles

There isn’t anything too frustrating in the puzzles and they offer just the right amount of challenge. They also give you a great sense of satisfaction once you have completed them. As there isn’t a hint system, you’re completely on your own in solving how to move forward in A Juggler’s Tale. By looking at Abby’s surroundings there are usually a few visual clues you can piece together to know how to proceed.

A Juggler’s Tale LadiesGamers
Look at the light reflection on the roof tiles.

Abby Marionette

Abby’s strings, in fact, all the characters strings are visible throughout the game. There is a constant reminder that Abby is a puppet. Strings are also a strong connection between the storyteller and Abby herself, much like they come as a pair. Of course, the strings are the main mechanic in most of the puzzles, and they do make you think about how to complete the puzzles as Abby’s stings can be a help and a hindrance in the game.

A Juggler’s Tale LadiesGamers
Sneaking past the guards

Rhymed story

As I mentioned previously A Juggler’s Tale is a narrated rhymed story. On one occasion in the game, I got confused as to what I had to do to cross a river. Being a string puppet Abby can’t swim. In the process of trying to cross the river a few times and failing miserably, Jack spoke up and said “Come on Abby, I’m running out of rhymes”! That little comment brought a smile to my face and made me chuckle.

While the game does have humour in it, it is also dark and atmospheric in places. With a sense of urgency when Abby is fleeing from the guards. It would be frightening for younger audiences below the age seven rating in Europe.

a jugglers tale LadiesGamers
Thunderstorm, lighting effects are top-notch.

Controls and Visuals

Visually A Juggler’s Tale just pops out of the screen. Although the world that Abby inhabits can be a grim world inspired by the tone and mood of traditional fairy tales, it is also a very beautiful world. The weather effects are outstanding, from the way the screen lights up when the lighting cracks across the sky to the sound effects to accompany it. It has to be one of the best looking games I’ve played this year, and that’s out of a lot of games!

I have the A Juggler’s Tale’s lovely main music track stuck in my head. I really hope the game’s soundtrack will be released on Steam or somewhere, I’d definitely buy it. The music just completes the game.

A Juggler’s Tale has full controller support, which I don’t have any complaints about as it works fine. You can also use keyboard controls. Using the arrow keys to move Abby and the CTRL key to interact with her surrounding, the keyboard controls couldn’t be simpler.

A Juggler’s Tale LadiesGamers
Colours pop out of the picture


A Juggler’s Tale certainly ticks all my boxes as a gamer. A good story, wonderful artwork, sound effects and music.  The story of a young girl taking her destiny into her own hands in a bid for freedom, it is full of empowerment and hope. It’s also about persevering and continually trying to move forward with her dreams when all else fails.

I wholeheartedly recommend you play A Juggler’s Tale, and let it give your heartstrings a pull.

Final Verdict: Two Thumbs Up  Two thumbs up


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