A letter to a fellow Mii traveller

Dear fellow traveller,

My daily commute to work by train. The daily ritual of finding a seat, or actually, having the good luck that the train isn’t totally packed and I won’t find myself standing in the hallway. No, this morning I was very early, so at 7 am I sat down. My iPad at the ready to check my social media. Cup of coffee I had bought and the sandwiches I had made the night before at hand. Ready for Mii time for one hour!

Waiting for the wifi to be connected I look around. Everyone is in their own zone, listening to music, checking their smartphone or prolonging nap time. You are sitting across from me, seemingly ready for school. Jeans and white shirt, backpack filled to the brim, big headphones on your head to listen to your music. Not the little earplugs, but the big ones, I’ve been told it optimizes your musical experience?

I notice what you are reading. Not on your smartphone, but an actual paperback with what seems to be Korean lettering on the cover and a drawing of a girl. Very clearly an anime novel. When you are interested in Japanese gaming like I am, you cannot escape the world of anime, the Japanese love it.

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(Original picture posted on jalada.co.uk)

And then I really start paying attention: you open your backpack and your shiny bright yellow 3DS appears, the Pikachu limited edition. You briefly check your device, presumably to clear your Streetpass gates. I can’t resist, and open my bag, and take out my Japanese mint green 3DS to do the same. Our eyes briefly meet, a nod of understanding and a smile. We are both gamers!

  1. That’s also MY 3DS – the Pikachu! I love it so, and can’t being myself to trade up, because I’m in love with the design. B-) So cool that a fellow gamer (3DS no less), was sitting right across from you! Small world eh, or Miiverse I should say lol.

  2. Hehe how fun! When i had to sit in the bus for 45 minutes to go to work, during which i passed 4 schools), i also played my DSlite, with the previous Animal Crossing game (Wild World). I hardly noticed all the stares, as i was too much into the game. The next day, 6 of the guys who sat in the bus with me, were playing on their DS and when they got out, one passed me and said “Good idea!” ^_^
    Now i hardly get streetpasses unfortunately. Where have all the handheld gamers gone?

    1. Great feeling huh, to share a ‘secret’ like that? I do still get a lot of SP hits as I go through Utrecht Centraal every day. By the way, I’ll be going to Firstlook in a couple of weeks!

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