A list of must haves in my purse to survive

My assignment for today in Writing101: make a list of things. Things I like, things I learned…The list that came to mind is inspired by a little book I got years and years ago, when I turned 30 actually. It had a funny drawing on the cover of a woman camping out under her upturned purse (or handbag, I guess it depends on whether she was American or English). and it read: “What women over 30 need in their handbag to survive”. That’s what instantly popped in my mind when seeing the assignment. So, what do I have to have in there?

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  1. First things first, I can’t leave the house without my driver’s license and my bank cards. I could have written my wallet, but I actually don’t use one anymore, my cards are in my number two on the list:
  2. My iPhone, snug in its BookBook cover. Such a prize possession, the cover looks like a little old book, and holds all my cards too. Ever since I got that, I decided to leave my wallet at home.
  3. That leads me to my third item, a little zip pouch printed with the flowers that are instantly recognizable to women all over America as being Vera Bradley. It holds my loose change, and funnily enough a loyalty card for a little coffee shop that has been closed down. Good memories though of all the wonderful coffees we had there.
  4. My little mirror with lipstick. Not that I wear a lot of makeup, mind you, but some lipstick can go a long way in making me look more presentable. For the same reason there’s always a brush in my bag too. I bike to the railway station, so some damage control is necessary when I arrive.
  5. My paper handkerchiefs. Can’t do without, and they’ve helped me in many precarious situations. For their normal purpose of course, but also used to peel my apple on, to mop up spilled coffee and to dab my brow when I’m too warm again as happens often nowadays (and hopefully without people noticing).
  6. My little wonder cloth, to wipe the screens of my devices and clean my reading glasses. You know the ones, with the cool prints?
  7. My reading glasses…I had no idea how annoying they were going to be. I am totally helpless if I forget them, and even had to buy a cheap pair some time ago when I arrived in Utrecht to go to work and found out that I’d left mine at home. Can’t work without them!
  8. Little sugarfree sweets, to get me though the long days…sometimes I wonder if I might as well buy normal sugared ones and eat less of them!
  9. I saved the best two items for last. I have to carry at least one of my 3 3DS’s. I have one for each region (European, American and Japanese) as games are region locked and I wouldn’t want to miss a good game! I like to be ready for gaming on the go anytime, plus the cool Streetpass feature lets you virtually meet fellow gamers everywhere.
  10. For my last birthday I got a PS Vita; before that I was all into Nintendo, and the Vita is my first sojourn into Sony gaming. It’s a very powerful and beautiful device, and I love it almost as much as my 3DS’s, but Sony to me is no Nintendo. But then, maybe I’m prejudiced!

There you have it, my list of must haves in my bag. Can you imagine I use a big purse? Ladies, I’m curious: is there a must carry item that you couldn’t do without that I failed to mention?

  1. Oh, its nice to see a lady gamer. Game on girl!! Well, from a lady standpoint, i agree with the first 7 things on your list. I cannot imagine my life without them. The only extra thing I have is a eye liner as I have dark circles and they do the trick to enhance my eyes. Thanks for a great post girl.


  2. I have several things in my backpack purse. 1. 2 new nintendo 3ds’s. 2. 2 styluses in case I lose one.
    3. my android cell phone in a case that also holds me driver’s license and needed cards. 4. my kindle Fire HDX7. 5. my Nexbook ares 7 android tablet. 8. a stylus/pen in case I need to write something. 9. a small memo book in case I need to write something. 10. my RTD Bus Fare book. 11. a small pill bottle for aspirin and claritin for allergies. 12. a small pack of kleenex. that’s about all I take with me when I go out.

    1. Linda, you reminded me that i’d forgotten some things: I too always carry aspirin for my migraines. I can see we are on the same page with all the electronic devices we carry around!

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