A New Face on LadiesGamers

A new writer has joined the ranks on LadiesGamers, giving you her perspective on handheld games.

It’ll be a good addition to the info you always find on here, because she intends to play other games then my usual fare!

Time for an introduction, please help me welcome her!

My name’s Paige, I’m Australian, and I was born and raised Nintendo (and Barbie PC Games).

Game collecting is a big hobby of mine. I have most Nintendo handhelds, a Vita, an Xbox One, PS4 and some older Nintendo consoles.

My favourite genres are action-rpgs,  party games, life simulation games and anything with a co op game. Currently, I’m playing through Bayonetta on the Nintendo Switch.

With the release of Kirby and Labo coming up I’m planning on writing on them both. Please look forward to it.





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