A New Leaf: Memories Kickstarter Campaign

We’re always on the lookout for a nice Kickstarter campaign. And another very interesting Kickstarter that caught our attention is A New Leaf: Memories, a farming and life simulation game. The campaign was released on May 11 with a goal of 46,430 Singapore Dollars.

The premise of the game is as we expect: You wake up on the beach of a foreign island, unable to recall anything. Alone and equipped with only basic farming tools provided by the town residents, you aim to recover your memories. Complete quests and explore Omoide Island as you unfold your story.

A New Leaf: Memories is being developed by ironheartstudios based in Singapore. The game will be published by Crytivo. (You can find the Kickstarter details here)

A New Leaf: Memories

The farming game promises to include all the staple elements that we expect. The farming part includes growing crops that are influenced by the season, planting trees and flowers, and raising your own animals. Aside from that, there’s going to be cooking, mining, fishing and building relationships. The first drawings of the pets that can accompany you in your adventure look good!

There will be questing too in the game. The residents of Omoide Island will need help on occasion. There will be two types of quests available: the main quest linked directly to your character’s storyline and optional side quests. And here’s where the Memories come into play: the main quests will lead your character to uncover forgotten memories and answer the question of what happened before arriving on the island.

The optional side quests will allow you to improve your relationships and unlock unique items that cannot otherwise be crafted.

Customization Included

The plan is to include customisation in the game. If you ever feel the need to upgrade your look, spice things up by altering your wardrobe or hair. While your character’s gender is chosen early on in the game, you have the full ability to customize your character by switching hairstyles, eye and skin color, and clothing. Looking for a new outfit? Different clothing can be found all around Omoide Island!

You can also customise your home. Upgrade your space to have everything from a larger interior to new and decorative furniture. Take it a step further and customize your farm by having full control over barn placement, coops, fences, and more!

Omoide Island will have several different areas: a town, forest, mountains and the beach. There’s Omoide Town where the island’s residents live here. This is where you will handle business transactions. The Forest has beautiful scenery, including a waterfall. You can complete a variety of activities in this location such as chopping wood, fishing, and foraging for herbs and flowers. The Mountains where you can uncover cave entrances in this area where you can mine for ores and gems. And then there’s the Beach, because what island is complete without a stunning beach? Collect seashells down by the water and fish for saltwater fish.

Steam First, Consoles in Stretch Goal

A New Leaf: Memories has a huge list of rewards to pledge for. And though the game is intended for Steam first, the very first stretch goal will unlock release on the Switch, Xbox X and PS5.

Before I let you go with the trailer for the game, I did want to say: doesn’t the title make you think about another game?


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