A Penguin Appears!

Hello there 😀 I’m Evriun and I have just joined the team of writers here at LadiesGamers 🙂

I like to say I am a creative penguin that enjoys gaming; I love creating characters and worlds for them, but I also love being let loose into a world pieced together from other people’s ideas too – especially by small teams or individuals, some of the most interesting games come from small teams or a single person these days; it’s brilliant!

The Games I Like

Different types of games have caught my interest over the years; I am at the point now where I will enjoy a horror game for the creepy atmosphere, but then happily hop into a more colourful cute game like Kirby. My taste in games has certainly diversified over the years.

When I was about 14/15, I started going to car boot sales to buy SNES games; but after getting an N64 (with an expansion pak, two controllers and a rumble pak) for £10, I started buying N64 games too for a few quid. I already had a GC, PS2, GBA and DS, but the nostalgia of playing SNES and the N64 had me hooked; being able to buy two or more games every week was amazingly brilliant to me. I was eating less food at lunch time in school to save £5 every week, but it was worth it to me – I loved playing so many games.

Most of my fondest gaming memories have been with friends and family playing SNES, GC, Wii and DS, with the latter two played with online friends as well (mainly Mario Kart and Animal Crossing).

Currently I have been playing a lot of PC games I bought via Steam (summer sales are awesome) and have been playing games on the Switch (my 3DS has been neglected lately; the poor thing).

As for my favourite game series; that would be Zelda, as I love the ideas and designs they put into the games. After a review or two I will likely be putting together a Zelda article of some sort. What about exactly?…It’s a secret to everybody! 😀

Closing Comments

For now; I would like to thank Jonah for suggesting I join LadiesGamers and a big thank you to Yvonne for having me here. 🙂

I appreciate it greatly and look forward to writing about games and discussing them with everyone. 😀



  1. Welcome, it’s good to see on here! I can def relate to diversifying & evolving tastes in games. I love my bright, colorful, and cute (always), but I’m starting branch out and try more creepy-toned stuff too.

    1. Thanks Picorine 😀 and yeah I find balance is key; not too much of the dark games but enough to experience a different atmosphere and type of game from the usual I play – some of them have really interesting ideas I find.

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