A Short Weekend Ramble

It’s the weekend!

Another weekend is upon us, and for some, it provides a great opportunity to enjoy  family time and play the odd game or two.  After a week of extensively playing Shantae Half-Genie: Ultimate Edition, my attention will return to DK Tropical Freeze.  I’m currently at world 5 in DKTF, and now that I’ve played enough Shantae in order to review it, I’m looking forward to bringing back summer (excuse the Frozen pun) to DK’s island.  If you’ve been waiting for my Tropical Freeze review, I apologise for the delay, but my personal conviction is that a game must be rigorously played before it can be accurately reviewed.  There’s no fear of the game receiving a poor review because it’s awesome!  You’ll just have to wait to see how awesome it is!

Another game I plan to play this weekend is the Sushi Strikers demo that’s now on eShop.  From what I’ve played, Sushi Strikers brings a much-needed revamp to the match puzzle genre.  I’m still somewhat bewildered by the current price tag.  The retail price on eShop is £39.99!  Nintendo obviously thinks the game is worthy of such a price tag, and that’s a choice I intend to evaluate by playing the demo.   The basic premise appears to be clear plates by eating lots of Sushi, and once empty, throw them at your opponent.    I shall let you know my brief impressions during next weeks ramble.

By the way, are you as excited by the upcoming Donkey Kong DLC for ‘Mario vs the Rabbids: Kingdom Battle’ as I am?  As noted in an earlier post this week, Mario vs Rabbids is currently placed in my backlog of games, but this week’s trailer has wet my appetite to revisit the game.



So what are your plans this weekend?  Please feel free to share them in the comment section below.  Whatever you decide to do, everyone at Ladiesgamers wishes you a great weekend.



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