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About me turns into About us

For almost four years the About Me page was just that: about me and my passion for gaming. By now, LadiesGamers’ pages are filled by more ladies then just me, so it’s time to change the About me page to About us!

Welcome to LadiesGamers, the site that’s all about Handheld Gaming of the more casual kind. Whether games are played on a dedicated gaming device or on your smartphone, all games are worth playing as long as you enjoy them!

I started this site four years ago, purely because my friends tended to look at me with a faraway look in their eyes when I talked gaming to them again. I decided to spare them and take up blogging about gaming instead.

By now, the site has grown. Three more writers have joined me, each giving you her own thoughts about the games at hand. We are scattered across the globe and are of different age categories. But we have one thing in common, and that’s our passion for playing video games.

On LadiesGamers you will find reviews, game news and our personal experiences with games and the gaming industry.

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But first, a short introduction is in order:

I am Yvonne van Geloven, 54 years old, and I live in the Netherlands with my husband and teenage daughter. Growing up there was no GameBoy or other kind of video game at hand, so my first experiences in gaming started much later in life.

My first steps in gaming where playing Animal Crossing Wild World together with my (then) 7-year old daughter in August 2006. She wanted a new game for her DS, and we thought this one looked cute. From then on I was hooked, while she didn’t even particularly enjoy the game and lost interest quickly! When she had a sleepover and wanted to take her DS with her, it dawned on me that I’d better buy my own DS, because I really had to check up on my little town of Bearpath!

The rest is history: since then I’ve played all kinds of games, with a preference for simulation games, RPG and adventure games. Staying on top of the gaming news is a hobby, as is writing!

Pikodoodle, or “Piko” for short, is 30 years old. She grew up as a PC gamer but is mostly on the PS4 now. Her favorite gaming device, though, is the Nintendo DS Lite. Aside from writing for LadiesGamers, Piko has her own blog about games and learning Japanese ( For both blogs, she started writing from a desire to connect with female gamers and talk about the things that excite us.

Vic Thorley, 29 years old, is a huge handheld gaming fan from the United Kingdom. She has loved handheld gaming since the first Gameboy she got for Christmas when she was about 8, barely putting it down for about 3 years!
She still owns it along with GBA, 3DS XL, 2DS XL, PSVita, PSP and the hybrid Nintendo Switch.
She also plays the PS4 and her retro consoles N64 and Gamecube. But she prefers handheld gaming because she feels more relaxed when playing handhelds and they can be played anywhere.
Other than gaming her hobbies include writing short stories of different genres and art therapy.
Vic also runs a Facebook group called Handheld Gaming Network. If you wanna share your love of handhelds there too, you can join them, you can find the group here.

Paige is 22 years old and lives in Australia, and she was born and raised Nintendo (and Barbie PC Games).
Game collecting is a big hobby of hers. She has most Nintendo handhelds, a Vita, an Xbox One, PS4 and some older Nintendo consoles.
Her favourite genres are action-rpgs, party games, life simulation games and anything with a co-op game.






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