New Horizons

AC New Horizons: escape to the Island!

The time is almost here, only one more week to go before we can retreat to our Tropical Island and commit ourselves to the tender care of the Nook boys. Jokes have been made on the internet months ago. Jokes about wanting to lock yourself away for weeks to finally play Animal Crossing on the Switch. People saying they’d take time off from work, call in sick and stay away from all social obligations.

How ironic that for a lot of people, that is exactly what’s happening right now. Due to the Corona virus, over here in the Netherlands we are encouraged to work from home and go for Social Abstinence (a new term, for sure!) No more family gatherings, no parties or shopping trips, no theatre shows or visits to museums. Ample time to play your games…. but is that still fun if the reason is so serious?

I don’t want to sound frivolous, but for me, I’ll enjoy my new virtual adventure all the more for it. What a great opportunity to get away from the real world for a bit, right?

New Horizons

A lot of us writers have already shared our hopes for the new Animal Crossing game. Some of them have a very detailed idea of what they want on the tropical island. Let’s wrap up a couple more thoughts that are floating around!

Ash wants a Magical Star Wand!

I still have high hopes there are things that will be a surprise. I usually don’t watch trailers, or things of that nature, because I hate spoilers and I want the actual game/movie/show to surprise me. Trailers always spoil the best jokes, or most dramatic parts, and then I feel that since I’ve already seen the best parts I don’t need to bother even seeing the movie.

Anyway, so because I couldn’t love Animal Crossing so much, I couldn’t resist the latest Nintendo Direct about it… and there were some really amazing things (a magical star wand to change clothes like a magical anime girl! ZOMG!!!). BUT, what I really want are some new things that I haven’t seen yet. New holidays would especially make me excited, let’s branch out and recognize other belief systems or superstitions, right? St. Paddy’s day is coming up!!

New Horizons

Paula: winging it when it’s finally the 20th

Now we have all seen the latest Nintendo Direct concerning Animal Crossing New Horizons it has given us a look into how the game will play.

My main hope for AC New Horizons is that the gameplay is more in the style of Animal Crossing Wild World on the Nintendo DS as I didn’t really enjoy Animal Crossing New Leaf. From my point of view it didn’t offer me as much freedom as a gamer to change the surroundings.

Being able to terraform the surrounding Island is what caught my eye the most from the Direct as that appeals the most to me. I will be free to design my island as I desire!

New Horizons

Not having Animal Villagers plant their house down on top of my flower garden or the path I’ve spend hours lovingly placing exactly where I want it will be fantastic. That was the one part of ACWW that annoyed me the most.

Other than the things I’ve mentioned above once the game is released and I turn it on, I’ll just be winging it. I don’t even know what to name my island yet!

I have the game preordered digitally. So the ACNH icon has been sitting on my Nintendo Switch’s menu. Taunting me every day until the 20th March.

Yvonne: to be surprised

If you’ve followed the site for some time, you’ll know I’ve been cheering for the new Animal Crossing for years. Maybe it surprises you then that I don’t dive into all the news available about New Horizons. Yes, I did watch the Direct, what fan has the self control to stay away from that? And I loved it!

I love how Nintendo is putting forward Tom Nook in the very impersonation of the tour operator trying to smooch his listening audience into spending a lot of money on their holiday. How he is tricking us into putting in a huge amount of work on the new island while in essence, we will be paying him!

New Horizons

I’m very much content with what I’ve seen. Great to have the crafting element in the game. Changing the landscape is ace. The multiplayer looks like fun. Nook link could be good, we will have to see. And I don’t mind the seasonal events coming through DLC, as it might mean we will get some more exiting new ones.

And that’s the extent as to what I’ve seen: I want to be surprised and experience it all for myself. I hope they have some cool features in the game that we hadn’t even dreamed up yet. And I think we can leave that up to Nintendo!

Happy ACNH gaming all. 😁



  1. Less than a week to go! The museum is what excites me the most…Blathers is one of my favorite characters in ACNL – well, other than the dogs. I like that there haven’t really been any spoilers for New Horizons…some general info, but nothing that will take away the fun of playing it. Curious to explore my island and see how I can transform it into MY island!

    1. Ah Blathers! I did see a screenshot for the aquarium in the museum and it looks way cool. I’ve always felt it was amazing at how much detail there is in an AC game, and one of the places where it shows is the museum. Checking on the insects you’ve caught and seeing the dung beetle roll the dung along, that’s the way to lovingly make a game!

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