AC New Horizons, how to get started

Have you already had a chance to fly off to your remote island? I have, opened up the digitally downloaded game at the strike of midnight. Together with my daughter, we each now have our own little world to hide in. And get join in the gaming fun!

I must say, we were both amazed at the excellent graphics of the game. And about how they portrayed Tom Nook as our favourite but crooked tour operator. 5.000 Bells for a measly tent with a cot!

Tips to get started

Anyway, there are a few things you can do to get you set up. And as we only started playing today, a genuine tips article will be added this weekend.

  • The Island name is 10 characters long, that’s longer than in the other AC games. And you will see it really makes a difference.
  • The island layout and the fruit you start with is random. Don’t like it? You’ll have to start all over.

  • The hairstyle and colours are limited at first. Don’t worry too much, more will be added later and you will be able to change your entire appearance.
  • You can play on the Northern or Southern Hemisphere, this will dictate what season it is. Chosing the Southern one will make it Autumn, closing the Northern Hemisphere will make it Spring.
  • Tom asks you to place your tent. Choose a nice spot, but don’t worry too much about it. You can change it later on. Same goes for the animal tents.
  • The first segment, flying out to the island and being welcomed by the Nook Family, doesn’t take place in real time. Only after you’ve slept on your cot in the tent you set up, and Tom Nook wakes you, then the game is caught up in real time.
  • The game autosaves, but you can save and quit manually too by pressing the – button on the left JoyCon.

Looking for more great tips? Check them out in our guide! Check them out in our guide!

Link between Pocket Camp and New Horizons

Up till now we had been playing Animal Crossing Pocket Camp to get some of Nooks items at the fishing tourney. I’m pleased to say that from now one, there’s more linking New Horizons and Pocket Camp. If you have both games linked to the same Nintendo Account, go to My Nintendo on the bottom right of your screen.

See the new reward in My Nintendo? Redeem it, and it will reward you with 50 Leaf Tickets in Pocket Camp. And what’s more, you will see a 16-digit code. If you enter that one in the eShop in the Enter Code section on the left of you eShop screen, the Nook Stop within Resident Services will have special items available to order.

NookLink is live

Mobile service NookLink is also up and running in the Nintendo Switch Online App. For me it will finally mean getting some use out of that app! It allows you to scan in custom design QR Code patterns from the previous games Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer. Plus, you can also communicate (via text and voice chat) with your friends and family who also have the app.

It’s easy to set up. Download the app in your app store, and connect to your My Nintendo account. Once done, it’ll give you instruction on how to get NookLink working. You have to do that in New Horizons.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go and play!


  1. Animal Crossing!!!
    Wow, this really makes being sick so much more fun. (when you’re not to sick that is)
    I’m having such a good time.

    2 Beginners tip’s :
    – If you press the A Button in your inventory, you can pick stuff up and put them in a different place.
    – When you’re stung by bees, try talking to one of your fellow Island Villagers. When I did so I got the recipe for Medicine.
    And next time, try catching the bees. Everyone probably knows that, but I forgot the first few times until my boyfriend said “Can’t you catch them”, and I was like ‘Of course!!’

    Have fun everyone!
    And my best wishes to those who are sick, and especially the people who are most vulnerable.

    1. Ronja, are you ill yourself? Or are you and your loved ones still okay? But you’re right, it’s a wonderful game to play when you are home and going nowhere.
      About the bees: I was checking all trees and got stung. Of course, I was thinking I’ll get the medicine once I’ve checked all trees. But after being stung twice, you faint!

  2. I’ve been sick (and at home) for almost 2 week now, but it’s very weird.
    When I’m sitting I hardly feel sick, but as soon as I do anything physical I get short of breath and start to cough.
    But perfect for gaming of course!

      1. No testing.
        I got an email from my general practitioner office to only call when you have high fever and serious breathing problems.
        Everyone else should just stay home and get better.

        Animal Crossing is so perfectly timed! It’s so relaxing and wonderfully sweet.
        I have a smile on my face constantly when playing. 🙂

  3. Most importantly – Ronja, I hope what you have passes soon.

    Now to gaming – I am over the top amazed at how great New Horizons is! The graphics, the animations, the level of detail for the animals…incredible! I like Nook Miles, the storage feature, crafting – and I can’t wait until Blathers gets to my island!

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