Air Mail Review

Game: Air Mail
System: Nintendo Switch
Developer: N-Fusion Interactive
Publisher: N-Fusion Interactive
Price: £12.00/€12,99/$13.49

Overall Feeling: I like it a lot!

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Air Mail is a fun flight game that’s now available for Nintendo Switch.  By taking the role of a young pilot, players can soar through the skies, complete set missions, explore exotic islands, obtain collectables, and even become a war hero!


Air Mail’s storyline centres upon events in the small but picturesque kingdom of Domeeka.  The story’s protagonist is a young wannabe pilot nicknamed Scoop.  One day, he or she (gender is selectable) decides to sneak into Domeeka’s airbase which results in an opportunity to participate in a pilot training program.  However, Scoop soon becomes Domeeka’s only hope in its war effort against the evil forces of Prince Verkai. It’s Pilot Wings with a plot!


There’s a variety of objectives to complete, such as delivering mail, crop spraying, fish harvesting, extinguishing fires, and collecting enemy bombs and dropping them into the sea.  If you’re expecting Scoops plane to come equipped with weapons then you’re in for a big surprise!  The only items available to Scoop are tools such as fishing nets, water buckets, and cutting implements.

Air Mail’s controls work well and are simple to use.  The plane’s movement is controlled by the left thumb stick.  The right thumb stick, as well as the X button adjusts the in-game camera.  Shoulder buttons L and R control deceleration and acceleration.  The only quibble I have is that non-inverted controls are switched off by default.

If you’re familiar with games like Pilot Wings, you’re probably used to holding your thumb stick down in order to ascend and vice versa.  Inverted controls require the gamer to control the plane in whatever direction the thumb stick is pushed.  Granted, this option will suit some, but non-inverted controls feel more natural.  Thankfully, the issue can be easily rectified via the game’s settings menu.

Modes and Content

Air Mail includes three-game modes: mission mode, express delivery and explore mode. Mission mode includes a total of 25 missions that are spread over seven chapters.  The completion of each mission is graded by a 5-star system which takes into account completion time, accuracy, and damage.  Express delivery allows players to complete set objectives in order to obtain a high score.  Lastly, explore mode enables the player to investigate every square inch of Domeeka without being shot at.

There’s also a number of hidden collectible items, including magic scrolls that unlock new designs for Scoop’s plane.

As well as three playable modes, there are also three difficulty levels: those being easy, medium and hard.

Graphics and Sound

Air Mail’s graphics are lovingly crafted and a pleasure to behold.  It boasts nice glistening reflective seas, green hills, wooden barns, windmills, boats, ancient ruins, an Asian style temple, and even a cave of dreams.  The game’s war theme means that certain sections of the main storyline are not so laid back, but in general, the visuals are both relaxing and pleasant.  Air Mail likewise includes a classical soundtrack that’s beautifully composed, and for the most part, very soothing.  The game also includes basic illustrated cinematics, which are well done.


I’ve really enjoyed playing Air Mail.  If you’re a fan of Pilot Wing’s type games then I’m sure you’ll enjoy Air Mail.  If you’re looking for a peaceful laid back game that’s easy to play and encourages exploration then Air Mail is for you.  Perhaps you’ve always wanted to be a pilot, and soar through the skies in an old-fashioned biplane.  If so, then Air Mail has you covered.

I like it a lot

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