Animal Crossing Direct!

Yes my friends, the time is near: this Tuesday October 24 or Wednesday October 25 (depending on where you live) there will be a Nintendo Direct, dedicated to Animal Crossing. I guess we will finally hear about the long promised mobile game. Nintendo has already stated that there will be no news about a Switch version. I guess they didn’t want our hopes to be too high.

We know that it will be around 15 minutes in playtime, so not long. But you can bet that I will be glued to the screen to hear what’s coming.

With the time differences, it’s always a pain to find the right time to be ready:

  • Noon in Tokyo on Wednesday October 25
  • In Europe, the Direct will broadcasted in English a few hours after the Japanese video, at 7 am UK time on Wednesday October 25.
  • So that’s 8 am over here in the Netherlands.
  • In America it will be broadcasted on 8 pm Pacific time, which is 11 pm Eastern time on Tuesday October 24.

I’ve been covering some Animal Crossing news lately, it was bound to happen soon with the influx of merchandise and tweets that sported a new and sleek look. You can find more about that here: Animal Crossing mobile close?

I’ll keep you updated!


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