Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer fun ahead!

Nintendo is very busy promoting Happy Home Designer, and making sure there are plenty of awesome gadgets and updates to make the game the center of attention. They sent an email to Japanese Club nintendo members detailing the following:

  • The Amiibo cards are a huge success! So successful that the second series of cards have been postponed from their September release. Instead, they will be spending the time to reprinting the first series. In other words, they cannot keep up with demand!
  • Europe will get a amiibo cards Collectors Album which will launch at the same day as the game does, on October 2nd. It looks really good, and I guess all animal crossing fans are eager to get their hands on it! It can hold all cards in the first series, and with it you will get a 3-pack of Amiibo Cards.HHD, Collectors album, Europe, 2nd October
  • The game has been out in Japan for a week now, and Nintendo has announced that they will release an update for the game next month. With the update players can access online functions, making it possible to to visit the house other players designed. Plus you can see their house, and rate them! Not yet certain though that the update will come west too.AC, wifi, online gaming, simulation
  • Nintendo has published summer wallpapers that can be downloaded on their Japanese site. Their are two formats, one for the PC, one for mobile devices. If you want to give it a try, here is the link! Keep in mind that they will be downloadable till August 31st.Isabelle, KK Slider, Tom Nook,

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