Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer!

Did you see last nights Nintendo Direct? As expected a lot of action games, Mario related news and some real gems in Yoshi Wooly’s world and Fire Emblem. But the best news for me was the announcement of Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer! Now I didn’t see that coming! Animal Crossing: New Leaf players will be able to take on the role of an interior designer as you can see in this clip. The game will be released this fall!

Now how good does that sound? As music to my ears. You will be able to design houses for the animals in their village by furnishing and decorating their homes. To do that you will need the new Animal Crossing series of amiibo cards which are compatible with the New Nintendo 3DS system or older 3DS systems using the NFC Reader / Writer, which is due out this fall. And on top of that, character cards will also allow players to invite characters over to visit. This is s new move, Amiibo cards instead of figurines. Nice!

Lots of questions pop up in my mind. Will there be cards to buy for each and every animal characters? If so, that’s a lot of cards to collect. Will you be buying specific cards, or will you buy packs of cards, hoping to find the right one. Obviously you will have to have New Leaf installed, but does this mean you can only decorate the home of the animals that are in your town, or will you be able to swap them out for the animal on the card? Anyway, these questions will no doubt be answered. The great news is that us Animal Crossing lovers are getting a brand new experience!

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  1. I was so dissapointed by this! I heard there was a new Animal Crossing game, so i had my hopes up for a WiiU AC game. Then they came with this. I can’t even play the game, i need to buy a game, a piece of hardware, and then most likely way overprized cardboard cards, which i’m sure come in a blind package, because Nintendo is turning into Playfish/EA and nobody seems to notice and just keeps on buying these extra’s. Next up will be that you buy your game in parts, called episodes.
    I miss the times when you could buy a game and play, the whole game. I will probably not get this one and wait for a new full Animal Crossing game.

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