Animal Crossing merges with Mario Kart 8

The wondrous World that is Animal Crossing will merge with Mario Kart 8 on April 23rd. For the second time DLC will be available, adding 8 new circuits, 3 new characters (Villager, Isabelle and Dry Bowser) and four new karts (Bone Rattler, City Tripper, Streetle and P-Wing) to the game. In the same day MK8 owners will get the 200 cc racing cup and the possibility to unlock Mii racing suits for 9 amiibo characters, like Rosalina, the Villager and Olimar. To unlock them you will have to use your real Amiibo on your gamepad.

Dry-wheeler, villager, isabelle, dry bowser, ACNow I don’t own Mario Kart 8, as I stated some time ago I’m awful at racing games. Or I should say awful at driving in any game (inhabitants of Lego City still shudder at the mention of my name). But this new Animal Crossing DLC looks so yummy, I’d almost cave and go for the game. On the Animal Crossing circuit there’s even a change of the seasons, at one time you will race through the leaves of autumn and then in the next race through the snow of winter.

For now I’ll just enjoy the visuals of this excellent video for the Animal Crossing Track!


  1. That AC track looks fantastic! Too bad that thanks to Nintendo completely overlooking my country and not bringing the Wii U e-shop over here I cannot access the stupid thing!

    1. So it’s the 23rd for the US too, Christine? I’m not really a competitive person, so I think I’d end up buying it and let it go to dust afterward. But the images look stunning, so beautiful!

  2. i am in the same boat as you, as driving games are a weakness for me. i struggle awfully with them.

    that being said, mario kart (especially on the 50cc mode) is quite accessible for folks like us, and it’s so much fun, i encourage you to try it out if you have a chance. i have dlc pack so i get to download this soon! i just love isabelle, and i can’t wait to see the track with the changing seasons.

    1. Same struggle here. I did try MK on the Wii, and I still remember being baffled that I overtook someone who was driving in the first position. Until I realized I was driving the wrong way. “Ahhhh, so that’s what the little sign next to the B button was trying to tell me!” But the AC tracks do look amazing!

  3. I have been drooling over the AC MK8 videos every since the Nintendo Direct on April 1. I first tried out MK on the Wii and I was sooooo terrible. I then tried it again on my 3DS with MK7 to play with my FB friends, was still awful! I decided to get MK8, once again to play with my FB friends. I watched a few videos to understand drifting and other techniques. I was much better with MK8, at least with the 50cc (easiest level) and had a TON of fun. I am now getting a little better and can win some in 100cc. I am still AWFUL playing with others (race finishes without me because I am so far behind), so I think I will just give that up. But I can’t wait until the release of the AC tracks!!!! It gives me hope that we may just get an AC game on the Wii U. The graphics and music are just gorgeous! I can’t get enough!

    1. Oh I have tried in the past too. I have MK for the Wii and MK7 on the 3DS. And I was awful on both, didn’t like doing races and always having the race end before I could even finish. But I agree that the AC track looks great! Maybe I should motivate my family members to give the game a try, that way I can still enjoy it looking at them racing. That’s enough excitement for me!

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