Animal Crossing mobile close?

For the past week I’ve had this feeling that it can’t be long now before we hear something about Animal Crossing Mobile…and maybe even something about Animal Crossing for the Switch.

Reggie Fils Aimee, president of Nintendo of America has stated a couple of weeks ago that the mobile game will reach us before the end of the year. And they did say that the game is supposed to work in conjunction with existing Animal Crossing worlds. Think Animal Crossing New Leaf or the expected but still unannounced Animal Crossing Switch?

This past week Nintendo of America sent some very interesting tweets out. What horrible teases! New glossy pictures of KK Slider Kapp’n with tantalizing phrases added to it:

“You can always count on K.K. Slider to be punctual for his Saturday night performances!”
“Kapp’n always has a lot to say, so be sure to listen closely”

I tell you, this might well be one of those sudden surprises as Nintendo sometimes pulls out of their high hat. I have a feeling that the mobile game might be closer then we think, and the Switch version will accompany it. Just my gut feeling mind you….

Also, tons of new Animal Crossing Merchandise are announced to hit the market soon. The Japanese retailer SAN-EI CO., LTD is exclusively offering a great variety of Animal Crossing themed items. Pencils, notebooks, keychains and more will be available at 3 of their locations in Japan, some of it will be sold online as well.

No news yet if these lovely items will be sold in North America as well. But, for eager fans, eBay might be a good bet to snatch up one of those exclusive Animal Crossing goodies!13467E00-6943-4447-A6DA-00FA361A289F


  1. Just the fact that they’re including the “Animal Crossing” name below the Animal Forest (direct translation) tells me they’ve merged the two regions (Japan and West), and are developing a game for a multi-region access, ie Switch. They didn’t use to put “Animal Crossing” anywhere around “doubutsu no mori” or its logo. Notice it also doesn’t have any subtitles either. I think they may be getting ready to reveal something. By the way, it didn’t say it would connect to existing games, Kimishima’s direct translation said it’d “connect to the environment of Animal Crossing” as fans took to mean it’d connect to other games, which may or may not be the case.

    1. Thank you for clearifying! So you are fluent in Japanese? You’re right, normally they only use Doubutsu no mori! You’ve just made my gut feeling even stronger. I think they will wait till after the new Mario game, and then we will hear!

  2. Ooooh i have been wishing so hard for them to give me a reason to buy the Switch. As soon as there’s an Animal Crossing, i’m getting a Switch *crosses fingers* ^_^
    Sadly still have no use for a Nintendo mobile game, as long as they boycot Microsoft/Windows 🙁

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