Animal Crossing: New Horizons Guide: Harvey’s Island, Phototopia!

Are you enjoying Island life, meeting lots of island visitors and having a fantastic time playing Animal Crossing New Horizons? Of course, it’s typically a game without any real goals, but to make the most out of your fun, some guides may be in order. You will find the ones we did earlier here: Animal Crossing New Horizons Guides.

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ACNH: Happy Home Paradise. LadiesGamers

But, back to the original purpose of Harvey’s island, aside from the little stores that are added to that island since the update. As Harvey offers Phototopia as well, don’t forget!

Harvey the Hippy Dog

Usually after three islanders have moved on to your island paradise ánd Nooks Cranny has been upgraded to a Shop a new face arrives. One day you will come across Harvey the Hippy Dog wandering around your Island. When you chat to Harvey he reveals that he has his own private Island called Phototopia which you can visit free-off charge without using Nook Miles Tickets. Happy Days Man, lets see what Harvey has to offer on his Island.

Off On A Trip

Once you have spoken to Harvey you can head to the Airport and chat to Orville the Dodo. To travel to Harvey’s Island you need to click I Want To Fly and then Visit Harv’s Island, and you’re whisked off to visit his Island. The first time you arrive, Harvey takes you in a short tour of the photo studio, where six rooms are available to customize and create a photo shoot set.


In Harvey’s Studio you can select different backgrounds, decorate the set with your own furniture,  bring your islanders in and dress them in clothes to take pictures of them.

Harvey’s Island is the only place so far at the time of writing this guide that I have found you can use Amiibo figures and Cards to scan other Animal Crossing animals into the Phototopia.  Not all Amiibo and Cards can be used either, as I discovered when I tried the feature. To find out what Amiibo or Cards you can use its just a case of scanning them and the game will tell you which can and can’t be used. More on Amiibo shortly.

Sets and  Models

Setting up for a photo shoot is similar to decorating your house in Animal Crossing New Horizons. You press Down on the Direction Button to access the Room Arrangement Mode.  Here you have access to all of your furniture from your Nooks shopping catalogue. It’s very handy that you don’t have to carry it all over to Harv’s to use isn’t is.
You can also customise any furniture you use without having to use a Customise Kit even if you haven’t customised the item at home on your Island you can customise it for a Photo shoot.

Everything you can use in Phototopia is under tabs in the menu, there is even a tab to call your own islanders over to Harvey’s to take part in a photo shoot.

If you wish to use an Amiibo Character you can only scan the Amiibo in when the Amiibo Icon is showing in the bottom left corner of the screen. To scan and Amiibo, you hold the bottom of the Amiibo against the Right  Joy-Con Stick or a Pro Controller  And Hey-Presto! The Animal you have scanned will appear in the room you are setting up for a Photo shoot.  You can pick the character up by grabbing them with the Hand Icon by pressing the A button and drag and drop them just the same as if you were moving furniture around. You can have them standing, sitting or interacting with furniture that you have placed. You can also add any Reactions by pressing the ZR Button you have to each Animal though your limited to what Reactions you have in your Reactions collection already.


You can play dress-up with your Islanders or the characters you have scanned into Animal Crossing: New Horizons by using any items you have in your wardrobe. Again this is just a case of pressing the X Button to bring up the Wardrobe Menu with all your items of clothing in it. Animals will not wear trousers, but you can use tops and hats to dress them in and they also will not wear anything that they don’t like. Huh talk about being fussy. 😂

Smile For The Camera, Please.

After you have set up your photo shoot and are happy with your cast of animal characters you can start snapping away. You have two options to take photos, either by using the Screenshots button on the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con or by using the in game Photo App on your Mobile phone. The Photo App on the phone does allow you to apply various Filters, such as Pop, Soft and Antique  to use and these can make for some great shots. Press the ZL Button to access the Filters. You can add a  selection of frames  to your picture by pressing the L Shoulder Button. 



When you leave Harvey’s Phototopia Island and head back to your own island, you’ll receive a phone call from Harvey who informs you he forget to tell you something.  There are posters available now of each Amiibo Animal you scanned into the game while on his Island. This posters can be bought for 1,000 Bells each via the Nook Shopping Section at the ATM.

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