Animal Crossing Update Welcome Amiibo

Finally, the moment all Animal Crossing fans have been waiting for: the Animal Crossing Nintendo Direct! The Direct was, as fitting to the game, a laid back and relaxing affair. Brought to us with the special Nintendo humour that we know so well! So what can we expect from the Animal Crossing New Leaf Update?

The biggest surprise was actually that within the first couple of minutes, Harvey told us the update was already live. And sure enough, I checked, and yes: it’s there. Exiting!

Call in the Amiibo

The update ties in heavily with Amiibo, giving you the chance to bring 50 never seen before villagers to your town. First, you’ve got to find the Magic Lamp to have your wishes granted.  Rubbing the magic lamp brings Wisp out, and he will grant any Amiibo wish you have. The villager you called upon will arrive in your town in his or her very own camper. And bring special furniture and items with them! If you like the new animal enough, you can even consider convincing them into your town. New Leaf Welcome Amiibo

The Campground has a reserved space for special characters too. In my campground the first visitor there was the Easter Bunny on vacation. Nice Easter furniture in his camper too! The items in their campers, and the items in Harv’s campground, can be bought with MEOW currency, or Mutual Exchange of Wealth. And earning these MEOW seems easy.

On your update Town Pass you’ll see activities that can earn you MEOW to spend on special items that you’ve never seen before.On a side note, be sure to update your Dream address, as it change so with the new TP.

Animal Crossing New Leaf

Mini games added into the mix

You can use the special Amiibo cards that have yet to be released. But of course, the Amiibo of Animal Crossing special characters work too, and they can even bring new mini games to your town. Does Desert Island Escape ring a bell? You might know it from the Amiibo Festival game on the WiiU. The other mini game is Puzzle League. The mini-games will be playable once you buy the WiiU item in your game or the 3DS system. I seem Tom remember something similar in Animal Crossing for the GameCube!

There will be more Amiibo that work with the game, like Zelda and Splatoon characters. The Zelda items looked very cool, they even featured some stuff from Breath of the Wild! The Sanrio special cards  ( like Hello Kitty) were mentioned too, so they won’t be limited to Japan! They have been confirmed for release in Europe on November 25, no news yet for America. img_4758

There are some other updates in the game. It will be easier to leave the island, and you can re-arrange your furniture like you did in Happy Home Designer. No more pushing and shoving, just use your stylus! In the Nook catalogue you can buy some giant furniture from HHD, if you have a save file on your system. So my letter about merging the benefits of New Leaf and HHD wasn’t so crazy after all! (you can read it here)Animal Crossing Welcome Amiibo

Storage and starting over

And finally: more storage room! Get your secret storage room though Tom Nook, it’s like an invisible closet to store all your stuff away that you can’t say goodbye to. There’s one more feature that really surprised me: if you want to start a new town, but you don’t won’t to have to earn all that cash that Tom Nook wants again, now there’s a way. Demolish your town, but first, let Tom Nook give you a hefty bag of cash based upon his evaluation. Nice of that old raccoon!

So there you are. Just when you thought you had beat the addiction of spending hours upon hours in your Animal Crossing town. Now there’s every reason to go back again, and lose a large chunk of your spare time! Again!Animal Crossing Welcome Amiibo



  1. Great article! The Animal Crossing Direct was pretty entertaining, and the new updates look good. Unfortunately, it came too little too late for me. The big problem for me too is that I have a New 3DS, but I left my Animal Crossing save on my older 3DS. Ah well.

    1. Oh that’s such a pity! Didn’t you transfer your data to the new device?
      Animal crossing will always be the one game that I will never sell or let go. My old town in Wild World still exists, I’ve never restarted it. Plus I have two towns downloaded on both my european device and my American device. So…I guess you could say I’m a fan!

      1. I didn’t unfortunately. I decided I wanted more room to download stuff on the New 3DS since I ran out of room on the old one. I use both regularly, but it’s unfortunate that you need a special device to allow amiibo use on the older one. So many towns! Haha!

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