Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is revealed

Boy, it was early for me! At 4 am I sat ready to watch the Japanese reveal for the mobile Animal Crossing game, couldn’t wait to see what gem would be waiting for us. Of course the English Nintendo Direct is right at it’s heels which will give me some more insight. Animal Crossing Pocket Camp will be your next shot at a peaceful virtual life.

Remember Harvey’s campground in the Welcome Amiibo addition last year to New Leaf? Think back to that, and then imagine it much bigger. This is your new Animal Crossing village, only now you enjoy life with your animal friends in the outdoors. Drive up in you customisable camper, en make your spot on the campground your own.

Who else to welcome us but Isabel? She has invited a spokesperson to tells us all about the features of the game, that is set to be released late November. Like your animal friends you live in a tent, but one with an outside space for you to decorate. Of course, things like BBQ and hammocks are included. You level up the friendship with the animals by doing requests for them, which earns you materials and money to have new things made.

Your shopping needs are met by a camp store run by Timmy and Tommy, the Able Sisters have their outlet and Kicks is there to sell you sturdy shoes. You can spend your money customising your camper in a new shop run by three penguins and Cyrus is on hand to help you with amenities. They showed him making a swimming pool, and what’s fun is that you actually see your animals swimming and lounging around!

Lots to do in the game, like bug catching and fishing, this time you can save time by using a fishing net. You can connect with real life friends to share your campsite, and see what their camper is like. Once you are officially friends, you can visit their campsites whenever you want You can change your hair, eyes and other appearance.

Seasonal updates are promised to get you in the mood for spring or Christmas, and like in the main games, you play in real time. As the mobile game will likely be for free, there’s a monetary angle too of course. With leaf tickets you can speed things up by buying crafting materials. You can earn them but buy them with real money too. Animal Crossing wouldn’t be the same without Tom Nook making an appearance, so it’s no surprise he is in charge of the leaf tickets.

The game is promised in late November for iOs and Android. You can pre-register right here, so you’ll get message when the game has arrived.

Here’s the English Nintendo Direct, if you haven’t seen it yet!


  1. I’m in Australia and though it initially seemed like it was an accident I think we’re the beta testers or something. I quite like it, though the microtransactions are a bit pushy for example limited time items that can only be bought with a lot of leaf tickets, and inventory expansion costing 20 leaf tickets to add 5 more item spaces.

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