Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Splatoon festival starts

It was teased earlier in the week, but now your Animal Crossing Pocket Camp game will open its gates to Splatoon 2.

To celebrate the special event, everyone will be getting Splatoon 2 crossover items when you log in during the event.

There’s a purple Inkling girl wig from today to October 10. A White Splat tee from September 18 till October 18 and a Gray Splat Hoodie from September 23 till October 23.

Blitz Clam Scavenger Hunt

You can collect a bunch of Blitz Clams from Splatoon 2 and use them to craft Splatoon clothing.

The Inkling splatted cookie:

This special cookie will get you several items, including a green spawn point or pink spawn point. If you have such a point in place, you can see your animal friends strik cool poses for you.

Other goodies can be in the cookie too, like a splat roller, a turf war floor or a fresh graffiti wall. The cookie is available till October 11.

And lastly, the sixth Fishing Tourney is scheduled for September 19, in Splatoon 2 style. This time you will be fishing for squid? Wow, that might not go over well!

Leet’s just hope they won’t cover your carefully constructed campsite in paint!

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