Animal Crossing Switch 2019 Predictions

So the time has finally come… we’re getting a new Animal Crossing on Switch! Yes, you read that right; we’re FINALLY getting a new Animal Crossing! (It only took six years of course.)

Well, in light of this fantastic news, I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s brewing up some possibilities for the next game in this charming franchise. But wait. What more can you add to a life simulator involving a human mayor living alongside animal villagers? Why, the world is full of possibilities I say! Honestly, since I’ve had six years (thanks Nintendo) to think about this, I’ve compiled quite the list. I’ve broken them down into categories for a more steady flow, so buckle up and enjoy the ride. Who knows, we might share an idea or two!


As far as the looks of the game go, I’m pretty sure the layout will be similar to New Leaf (I mean it’s practically perfect, right?) and the graphics will resemble that of Animal Crossing Pocket Camp (or ACPC for short). Not only is this update an HD version of the character design from New Leaf that we’ve grown to know and love, it adds an overall smoothness to the game as a whole. This makes the game more pleasing to the eye and everything from backgrounds to villagers will fit together nicely. As far as adding textures, I feel that will be saved primarily for clothing. Though I’m not opposed to other additions, such as animal fur, grass etc.  Animal Crossing has always been about being cute and animated, and textures will drive this feeling in.

Oh, can we bring back hills? Hills always made things interesting in ACGC and ACCF and it’ll add more map customization! BRING BACK HILLS.

Ahem, I digress.


This is probably my shortest portion of my predictions. But it’s important nonetheless.

Since the Switch has only one screen, I think we’ll go back to pulling up our inventory while looking at our character in real time (like in City Folk, pictured above). But perhaps with some more pocket space? I wouldn’t object. However, with this makes you think of touch screen capabilities. Or even worse… motion controls. *shivers*

I could see Switch/game bundles including stylists specifically for the game or perhaps the use of joy-cons for such functions when in docked mode. It could go either way. By the by, I just want the opportunity to look at my character in more ways than down. Perhaps up at the sky or facing the front of our character while stopped. How would you feel about a 360 angle capability?

New Features

Now here’s where the creative prediction juices can really get flowing! I might have gotten a bit carried away, and so for the sake of those who don’t enjoy reading long essays (*cough* my writing style *cough*) I’m going to include this in list format. Now, let’s brainstorm about what could brighten up this already extensive game:

  • ability to choose town terrain as well as map (forest, beach, mountain, etc.)
  • new items, new themes, new events
  • ability to place certain furniture outside (I’m looking at you, Mr. Flamingo)
  • ceiling decor available (like in Happy Home Designer)
  • HHD-style organizing still in place
  • more storage; ability to have more floors/space
  • new PWP and ability to move them like in HHD
  • CAN PUT HOUSES ON THE BEACH (I can’t stress this one enough)
  • ability to choose where villagers live
  • new wave of amiibo cards/figures for continued amiibo functionality?
  • new buildings (library, hotel, etc.)
  • bigger island with more to do (bungalo/2nd house?)
  • more bugs, fossils, fish and art to donate
  • after you identify a fossil, the next time you find it, it STAYS identified
  • new materials to find (bring over crafting like in ACPC?)
  • ability to design villagers’ houses when they move in
  • can trade/sell items easier to friends (market box-style)

That was a handful, wasn’t it?


Adding new species of animals and more interesting dialogue returning would be great. Bringing back asking for errands like in the GameCube version, as well as leveling up friendship, would give your more goals as far as interaction with villagers go. Some other great features to add would be the ability to change villagers’ outfits whenever you’d like and transferring villagers you’ve already leveled up from your camp on ACPC.

Events & Online Play

Keeping the garden (but making the mechanics a bit simpler) would be great. Not only could you invite friends to help, but maybe villagers could contribute with special flowers depending on your friendship level. More fishing and bug events, with more variety of linked items would also spice things up, as well as bringing back flea markets (like in ACWW).  But I think the most important feature to add to this section would be the ability to create your own events/festivals; the creative possibilities for that are endless.

Online play could still be as simple as in New Leaf (just connect and invite your friend over) but adding some minor touches would benefit the game’s interactive charm. Imagine being able to send letters to your friends whenever you want, not just when you’re in their town. An online hub would also make it easier for you to meet new people in game. Perhaps an extra train station for that? I wouldn’t mind a new area being available all the time in order to meet new people.

Overall Hopes

All in all, I’m just excited we’re getting another mainline game release for my favorite franchise. If we could get a spring/summer release that would be the cherry on top, don’t you think? Whatever is added to the new Animal Crossing, and whatever big new feature is the header, I’m sure I’ll be in love.

What about you? Do we have the same wishes, or is there something you want to add to the discussion? Let us know down in the comments! Until then, don’t worry… THERE’S A NEW ANIMAL CROSSING THIS YEAR! *happy dance*



  1. I just want a Southern Hemisphere option. It’s always odd to be dealing with the summer heat while my village is covered in snow, or to be cold while all my villagers complain about the heat.

  2. I am SO excited for this game! I hope they add different terrain levels like City Folk had. I loved the dimension it added. I am also hoping they’ll add some type of integration with Pocket Camp like Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee did with Pokemon GO. How cool would it be to transfer furniture/clothing from Pocket Camp into AC Switch?! It’d also be neat if you could change the sky, foreground, and background looks like you can in Pocket Camp. It’d also be cool if they had a “campground” like in New Leaf where online players could meet up….like the online hub you mentioned.

    The possibilities are really endless with this game. I’m so excited to see a glimpse of it! Here’s hoping for an AC Nintendo Direct soon!

  3. I just can’t wait for news on the new Switch so I can plan which Switch to buy so I can play the new Animal Crossing!

      1. Loads of rumours at the moment of a revised Switch console coming soon. I’m tempted to believe a slightly larger console with improved battery and internal storage. I certainly hope they won’t create a hardware divide for the Switch

  4. The GameCube version of Animal Crossing was very lively. I hope Animal Crossing for Switch does too. There was Halloween trick-or-treating, the game/sports competition and morning aerobics. Why do I get the feeling that those fun events are fading or no more to be found in newer games. I just hope that the new Animal Crossing will revive some of the features from the GameCube version. Nice share by the way.

    1. I hope we get one soon too! We’ve finally heard about Yoshi and it’s pretty close to that release date. I wouldn’t be surprised if we got the same thing with AC!
      As for Smash: TRUE THAT.

  5. Graphically I hope they go full-3D so you can turn the camera and place assets from all angles inside your home and out.

    Gameplay wise, the Switch has a larger screen. So a simpler menu system that still allows you to see the world around would be nice. More areas to explore outside town as part of the single player experience would also be cool.

    New features? How about the ability to collect Rocks, Gems & Minerals as donations to your Museum. Recognising Fossils is a great suggestion! I also had a new tool idea; the Pick Axe. It breaks down rocks which contain these new collectibles inside. Town rocks auto-renew daily but they could also have a cave area to explore.

    I have so many ideas myself too haha

  6. I love your predictions! I cannot wait for the new Animal Crossing to come out! I really hope they include all the holidays and have options to celebrate international holidays as well. I always thought it would be cool if they had like an underwater area you could visit with all sea creature- type villagers 🙂

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