Animal Crossing teased in Splatoon 2?

Yesterday was a busy day for Nintendo fans with a Nintendo Direct mini loaded with new games and DLC for existing games. I was happy to see more games flocking to the Switch. And even though I don’t play the games that got an update, I love it when game developers don’t rest on their laurels but try to make the game interesting for those who’ve already played it to the full.

Being the Animal Crossing fan that I am I of course had secret hopes for an Animal Crossing Switch announcement, but there wasn’t. All is not lost though. Eiji Maeda is a Senior Analyst at SMBC Nikko Securities Inc., and Maeda has made a pretty big prediction yesterday. He thinks we will hear Switch announcements for Pokémon, Animal Crossing, and Smash Bros. around March.

Another fan found a clue in Splatoon 2: the recently released update for the game introduced a new stage to the game, the Shellendorf Institute. Inside that new stage player @Starbiit found a couple of interesting hints. Some of the decor accurately represents the bugs known from Animal Crossing. The butterflies for example are an exact match to the ones found in Animal Crossing New Leaf. The stage also features a similar panel for other bugs known from the Animal Crossing series.

animal_crossing_rumor, shellendorf

Still, with the new update that came to Animal Crossing Pocket Camp on mobile, I can live with the suspense for now.  Rover’s Garden Safari is just the thing that gets me enthusiastic again. Catching the butterflies, but especially sharing them with friends is nice. The blue and red Dahlia seeds look good, and it adds some spice again to the game.

Rover's safari, event Pocket Camp
I managed to get most of the Jingle Furniture around Christmas, most of the New Years special furniture, and now we have another event. Nice! And so far I haven’t spent a dime in the game, even better!

Are you still playing Pocket Camp, or have you lost interest by now?


  1. That’s a pretty awesome detail right there. I also think we’ll be hearing something about Animal Crossing Switch this year. It’s a game that perfectly suits the system.

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