Animal Crossing update and relaxing music

While we wait for a special Nintendo Direct about Animal Crossing, that is slated for November 2nd, I try to read between the lines at what we can expect about the upcoming update to New Leaf.

I noticed that they talk about adding amiibo functionality, but they also mention other new features. I am so curious what that will be? When Happy Home Designer was my everyday portion of Animal Crossing goodness, I wrote this letter to Nintendo, called “Please merge New Leaf and HHD“.  Well, not really sent it. Even if I had, I don’t think Reggie would take the time out of his busy schedule to read it. But I do feel strongly that New Leaf could benefit greatly from some of the Happy Home Designer features. But, there’s nothing to do but wait!


Meanwhile, it seems Nintendo will go into collaboration with Sanrio. This means the animals moving into your town will have furniture items based on Hello Kitty, My Melody, Cinnamoroll, Little Twin Stars, Kero Kero Keroppi and Pom Pom Purin. (Actually, I only know the first one..). The Special Card packs in Japan will contain 2 random Sanrio cards and 1 with a special seal. I wonder what the packs will contain over here, and if we will see these Hello Kitty things at all.

Well, there’s nothing to do but to wait. And while I’m commuting to work, I’ll just listen to this music compilation on YouTube!



  1. I love your idea about combining AC:NL and HHD. HHD was very disappointing because it wasn’t a full-fledged game, though I did like things it did, like letting you easily put a house together and customize your character more easily. HHD would have been a great update for NL as opposed to its own game.

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