Another fun farming kickstarter: Farm Folks

Well what do you know? A couple of months ago I hadn’t done anything to support new games being developed, and now in a matter of weeks I found my third cause. And another worthy one as far as I’m concerned: Farm Folks

Just last week I supported a game that needed funding to actually happen, called A Fold Apart. A Fold Apart is a 3D puzzle game about the emotional struggle of a long distance relationship set in a world of folding paper. It’s funded on Fig, and if you want to jump in, better take action! The link to the campaign is here. 

Now this week I stumbled on another one. As you might have gathered Farm Folks is a farming game. It’s clear that Stardew Valley set a trend, and that trend might even have been helped by the absence of good sim games on the consoles nowadays. It can’t be coincidence that titles like My Time at Portia, Re:Legend and now this Farm Folks jump into the niche that is laid back gaming.

This is what the game is about:

” Leaving your homeland behind aboard a sterling, seafaring vessel gifted to you by your brother, you set out on the open sea with but one goal: to find your true purpose in life.

Fate had other plans, however. A vicious storm turns your brother’s gift into nothing but fragmented flotsam, and soon you’re washed ashore on the beaches of Softshoal Island.

The wrecking of your beloved boat was far from fortunate, but landing on Softshoal Island may have been a blessing in disguise. You’re soon given a plot of land and a chance at a new start. Fate is quite the mysterious beast!

As you begin to nurture your plot, uncover great mysteries, and meet the citizens of the island, you’ll experience the everlasting magnificence of your new home first-hand–all while you rekindle the memories from your past that caused you to embark on this grand, exciting adventure in the first place. You never would have guessed that finding your purpose in life was just a shipwreck away…”

The game will have the standard fare of farming, keeping animals, fishing, mining and socialising with the villagers. Plus, there are lots of customization options of your character and your house. There’s plenty more room in my gaming roster for games that intend to keep the farming flames burning. Plus it looks really good!

If you want to support the Kickstarter there’s still plenty of time. 13 more days to go (it ends July 26). The original goals was AUD 50.000 and by now, AUD 62.225 has been pledged. The goal has been met and more, which is good, as we are now getting into the stretch goals. You can find the kickstarter page for Farm Folks here.

And that’s where the catch is for me: for now, there will just be a PC game. Release on the consoles (and thus, the Switch) is part  of the stretch goals, and I haven’t yet figured out how. But I will try and contact the developer to learn more!


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