Another Jonah Style Ramble for the Weekend

Another weekend is here and so it’s time for another Jonah style ramble.  I’ve played a mixture of games this week which will probably continue to dictate my weekend gaming.

Sushi Strikers

Have you played the Sushi Strikers demo yet?  I played it for a short while during the week and it’s exactly what I thought it would be prior to playing.  It’s a hyped up puzzle match game that has a nice Nintendo twist but I feel that the controls lack precision.  More than that, I’m not convinced by the high price point either.  I may still give this game a chance on release but I’m not overly enthused at the moment.  There are other choices out there if you have gaming money spare, one of those being Shantae Half Genie Hero Ultimate Edition (be sure to checkout our review).

Pokemon Quest

I’m interested to know what others think of Pokemon Quest.  I played the game for 10 minutes, watched a few automated battles, and that was the extent of my playtime.  Perhaps I should try it again but I lack the desire to play more.  Am I wrong?  Feel free to tell me in the comments below.

Mario and Rabbids Kingdom Battle

I expressed last week how the newly announced DK DLC refueled my interest in this title, and this week, I decided to restart the game.  Due to not playing M&R for a while, I forget about the strengths and move-set of each character.  I must also give a big thumbs up to the overall presentation of this game in both the visual and music/sound department.  And how could you possibly not enjoy moments like the one I managed to capture above.

Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze

Yes I’m still playing Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze.  I can’t be sure about how much longer it will take for me to finish the main game, but I’ve finally reached Donkey Kong Island, and trying to avoid the numerous traps and surprises this stage holds.  This week, I managed to defeat what is probably my favourite DKTF boss yet.  Bashmaster is the game’s fifth boss, and you’re introduced to him while he lays on his back enjoying a cool ice lolly/popsicle.  It’s at this moment that Donkey Kong falls from the sky which causes Bashmaster to lose his ice-lolly in Piranha infested waters.  As a result, Bashmaster is filled with rage, and it’s at that point the battle begins.

So which games have you played this week?  What are your weekend gaming plans?  I will probably continue playing the games mentioned above minus Sushi Strikers and Pokemon Quest, but what about you?  Whether you plan to play a new release, or a game from your backlog, please feel free to discuss your gaming plans with us.

Everyone at wishes you a great weekend.



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