Another spring dress for Ladiesgamers!

You are probably used to it by now, it’s time for some happy colours on the site. Just in time for Easter, and hopefully heralding a bit of sunshine as well. It’s been colder then usual over here, so every bit of encouragement to get the sun out helps!

My designer, my daughter Caroline, made another cool banner. Adding images of games I love to play, or intend to play in the near future. This way, all the banners she has made over the past four years make a nice overview of favourite games. Much like a gaming diary.

This one isn’t hard when it comes to naming the games, right? Can you put a name to all of them?

The most important change however that instead of naming the site A Lady & Gaming, I changed it to LadiesGamers. After all, we are a team of more then one writer now!


spring banner


  1. It looks gorgeous! The only one I can’t guess is the middle one so I’m thinking it might be an Atelier one based on the art style?

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