Arranging chests is soothing

Did I mention before that I love playing Stardew Valley? Of course I have, I guess I’ve put up a couple of articles on here about the game, ever since it released on the Switch. These farming sims are notorious however for giving you so many tasks and so little time, I always seem to be running around as quick as I can to do as much as I can.

My first winter is almost at an end, and because there was hardly any farm work I could finally take a step back and wander around town. Take things a bit slow, checking out the nice Christmas decorations that mayor Lewis put up. And I took the time to do a very soothing task: re-arranging my chests.

If there’s something I’ve learned in the Harvest Moon and Rune Factory games, then it’s that you have to hoard as much as you can. No matter that it means that you are seriously short on in-game money in the beginning, you must make sure that you save as much as you can. Because you never know when you need a certain item to make a dish or a recipe. And let me tell you, money is a real issue in this game. But I made sure that I had at least one of every vegetable I grew. switch stardew valley organizing

Stardew Valley understands organizing: it lets you give a different color to each chest you make. And there’s a button to organize everything, whether it’s your backpack, your chests or your fridge! I’ve been extremely busy at work lately (real work, not in game farming work) and somehow these organizing tasks are very, very soothing. All veggies in a green chest, a blue chest for all materials like stones, wood and shells too, yellow for all seeds and foraging stuff.

And so you see, there’s things to do in gaming for every mood type. Or maybe I’m just weird, the way having all my things organized makes me feel so much better. And though it’s nothing but pixels, having all these items even makes me feel incredibly rich! switch stardew valley chests


  1. I feel super rich to! I have a crystelarium that keeps popping out diamonds, love it!
    I build a shed for all my chests. I did the rearranging in my first winter to.
    I’m in fall now second year, and i’m looking forward to winter!
    Witch harvesting, watering, greenhouse and taking good care of my animals, i hardley have time for other thing’s.
    I want a lot of quality sprinklers to lessen the work load, but i don’t have the resources to make them. And in this season i don’t have the time to get them.
    I’ve got my work cut out for me!
    Great choice for game of the month!!

    1. Thanks Ronja! Isn’t it funny how we often feel the same about activities in games? I just knew you’d understand! I’m loving this game, even though at first I wasn’t too pleased about the graphics. And by the way, I caught three fish so far. All attempts where the fish stayed in the bottom of the meter and I didn’t have to do anything!

      1. Yes! Those are the ones you want in the beginning, haha
        Hope you find more of the lazy swimmers..
        Once you’re level 2 fishing you can buy and make bait, use crabpots, and buy a better fishing rod!
        Good luck!

        I do recognize a lot of things you like in games indeed!
        And i’m very happy you keep me informed!
        My boyfriend checks news sites in the morning and when he has gaming news i usually already know about it through your blog!
        I really enjoy reading it al!

  2. This game looks like everything that I wish Story of Seasons had been! Just can’t get involved in a simulator with too many other great “finite” games these days, but if I ever come across a game drought (like by the time I turn 88) this will be my first purchase!

    1. Somehow I’m a lot less organized in real life. I used to be, when I was younger. But as my husband is way more organized then I am, I happily let things slide so he can pick up the slack. Lol, best make sure he doesn’t read this!

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