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Ash’s Favourite, Most Touching, Video Game Moment

I have been gaming for a long time. I have now been alive for thirty-five years, and can officially say I have been gaming for over half of the years I have been alive.

There have been many surprising, exciting, touching, moving, make-me-cry video game moments in my life. Paper Mario and the Thousand Year Door, Animal Crossing, Golden Sun 1 and 2, Metroid Prime, Final Fantasy X and X-2, even Link to the Past made me feel – heck if it hadn’t made me feel so hard I probably wouldn’t re-buy it every time they re-release it (seriously, I own – or owned – LttP on SNES, GBA, Wii and 3DS).

Anyway, I think my biggest emotional moment was given to me by BioWare in the form of Dragon Age.

WARNING! SPOILERS! SPOILERS! (It’s been so many years that I shouldn’t have to say this, but just in case you haven’t played it, but are planning to play it, DON’T READ FURTHER!)

Human Noble, Female

The end of my canon Dragon Age run: I’m a female human noble. I’ve, OBVIOUSLY, fallen hard for Alistair. The final battle with the Archdemon is upon us, and it’s the night before.

Morrigan – who is my friend – comes to my room and says I must convince the love of my life (that’s Alistair if you haven’t been following along) to sleep with her that night in order to create a baby that will absorb the soul of the archdemon when we kill it.

I say “AW HELL NO! Alistair hates you and I wouldn’t make him do that, and also he’s mine!!”

So I continued on my merry way; dawn arrived and I and my party begin the final battle. Cutting our way through dark spawn hordes, and other vile creatures, bruised and bloody we come face to face with the Archdemon: a bloody great dragon!

The battle is fierce but my party and I prevail. Suddenly! A cut-scene: of course, as the last two grey wardens, it is up to either myself or Alistair to cut down the Archdemon. I already knew I wanted it to be me, I didn’t want to live in a world without Alistair.

Sadly for me, he had the EXACT same idea. I went around in circles for a good ten minutes telling him not to do it, and that I couldn’t live without him. He also went around in those same circles telling ME the same things!

Finally, I had no other choice (if I wanted to advance the game) but to let him do it. And boy did he. He was the hero of my dreams, and I wept over his dead body as the soul of the Archdemon overpowered his and took him to his final resting place.

Aaaaa! No! Reload! Reload!

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” I screamed! Now, props to me for actually watching through that ending for the sake of completion… but I very quickly reloaded my old save (thank GOD I had one), and told Morrigan I would convince Alistair to sleep with her (still against my wishes!), and convince him I did.

BUT, it was all worth it for that sweet sweet ending where I then got to kill the Archdemon and neither I, nor my sweet love Alistair, died.

On top of that, we became king and queen of Ferelden! Sequels indicate that my beloved is still king, and that my character’s (The Hero of Ferelden) whereabouts are unknown.

So… that is why I love BioWare; and why I will always give them – and their games – the benefit of the doubt. It’s also why I am so excited for whenever the next Dragon Age comes out!

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