Astrologaster Review (Nintendo Switch)

Game: Astrologaster
Adventure, Other
Nintendo Switch (also on Steam & iOS)
Developers | Publishers:
Nyamyam | Plug-In Digital
Age Rating:
EU 12 | USA Teen
US $9.99 | EU €9,99 | UK £8.99  
Release Date: 
February 18th, 2021

Review code used, with many thanks to Nyamyam

Welcome to the fictional world of a very real man, Simon Forman, “Doctor” of Astrology and Physick. Pursue a medical license through recommendations throughout this journey of fictionalised real cases, with patients ranging from barmaids to Bishops.

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Multitude of Madness

For the people that show up at Forman’s door, he will read the stars and answer any and all questions. Starting with some of the more simple tasks, the introduction to how Astrologaster works, and what you need to do to complete it. Reading the stars can be a tricky choice, especially if you don’t know your history. The stars are sometimes as muddy as you might expect, but sometimes they can be slap-in-the-face accurate.

You’ll be shown a screen with a few choices, within each choice, the stars will tell you what they mean when you choose that option. Some readings will have star signs, some will be a collection of stars that make a whole answer. Finding the right answer can be more than just the truth. Sometimes the truth will lead to a decline in their recommendation, but often, the truth prevails, gaining your recommendation once the customer realises it’s the truth.

As you meet more characters, you can see the threads of fate between them all. Some may come in and complain about other characters. Some can even just drop you a hint about something happening to another character. Weave your way through, untangle the lives in your hands, and help everyone become their best, happy selves, as you grab those recommendations to become a licenced medical practitioner.

Astrologaster LadiesGamers

Beauty in the Mood

Listening to each characters theme song is worth it. Hearing the jaunty little ditties with the lyrics about the character can be humorous. But it can also be helpful, with insights about this person that might come in handy, whether straight away or down the line.

The simplicity of the way Astrologaster plays never retracts from it, the characters are expressive, rude, flirty, whimsical, whatever they want to be. I found myself giggling quite frequently. Having played through a few times, just to see how things change with different choices, it’s worth getting to know the characters, they are fleshed out well.

Astrologaster LadiesGamers

From Casebooks to Astrologaster

As a game that came about by the creative director hearing a lecture on Forman’s casebooks, Astrologaster fits really well as a game. The idea to go with astronomy as the ‘skill’ with which you solve issues is a brilliant one. Leading with how Forman ‘cured’ the plague, to the Spanish Armada and gold fortunes, all to gaining his medical license, this package is a fun game to play,

Astrologaster LadiesGamers

I recommend Astrologaster to anyone that enjoys this style of game, for it is put together incredibly well. Plus, at that price, what a bargain ♥

To check out the Astrologaster website, head here.

Final Verdict: I Like It

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