Atelier game for Switch

No sooner did I shortly leave my holiday fun to tell you about Dragon Quest Builders 2 coming to the Switch ( we will probably have to wait till mid-2018, but still, huge news) when I have another important bit of news to share.

The next Atelier game, Atelier Lily & Soeur and the Mysterious Painting, will come to the PS4 and the Vita, like all Atelier games. But get this: it will be released on the Switch too! At least, it’s announced for Japan, but I’m pretty sure they’ll include the West too.

Now I’ve played almost all Atelier games since I got myself a Vita, but this is going to be even better with the bigger screen. Boy, am I glad I decided to go for the Switch even though I was dragging my heels at first.

A bit about the game from Famitsu: Lidy and Soeur are twin sisters of a small atelier in Adarett Kingdom’s capital city Merveille. The story revolves around a mysterious world found inside a painting the two discover.

This adventure will take place inside paintings. It seems we’ll also be seeing a dramatic change in the synthesis system. Battles feature a Combination Battle system that has groups of pairs. You’ll also get to use synthesis during battles. Now that’s different indeed!

I wonder if this will be the last of the Mysterious trilogies? Still, we have Atelier Online to look forward too as well, as you can read here. 

Are you a fan of the series too, and are you as exited as I am?


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