Atelier Lydie and Suelle look good on Switch

Developer Gust shared a trailer today for the upcoming Switch game in the Atelier series, Atelier Lidie & Suelle and the Mysterious Painting. Now, you know I’m a fan of the series, ever since I played Atelier Rorona on my Vita. So I’m pretty chuffed the game series is hopping over to the Switch. Not that the Vita isn’t a perfect handheld, but the Switch screen will be a bit bigger, which I could absolutely use!

A bit about the game from Famitsu: the girls are twin sisters in of a small atelier in Adarett Kingdom’s capital city Merveille. The story revolves around a mysterious world found inside a painting the two discover.

Not only will this adventure will take place inside paintings, it seems we’ll also be seeing a dramatic change in the synthesis system. Battles feature a Combination Battle system that has groups of pairs. You’ll also get to use synthesis during battles. Now that’s different indeed!

Japan doesn’t have long to wait anymore, the game will be released on December 21. We will get the game early 2018. Anyway, enjoy the trailer!


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