Atelier Online is released in Japan

Expectations are running high by now, while the mobile game Atelier Online was delayed several times in the past month. It should have been released in Japan on October 1st, but after some last minutes tweaks it was released today, on October 3rd.

In Atelier Online you take on the role of an alchemist at the Royal Academy, where you’ll go on a journey around the world in order to become a top-notch alchemist, as you encounter others and pave your own path. That’s just about what we expect from a good Atelier game!

They describe it as an alchemy RPG that doesn’t require stamina, where you’ll take on monsters that vary based on time and weather, collect items, freely walk around fields, play with friends in multiplayer. The game has a grand scenario where you’ll progress through quests, similar to what you’d expect from a console RPG, and it’ll be full of different characters in a fully-voiced main. You can also expect to see a lot of familiar Atelier faces appear.

Now we will just have to wait for the Western release! Here’s a bit of gameplay if you want to look. And below that, I’ve shared the intro song, sung by the Mel Kishida, who is a famous Japanese illustrator and anime artist.

Special version of the Opening Theme

As I’ve mentioned more then once I have a playlist on my phone with game music, and the Atelier music would fit in so well. That’s why I couldn’t resist sharing this recording of the Atelier Online theme song in here.

Mel Kishida is known for his work with Gust on Atelier’s Arland series as well as Blue Reflection, he did something different this time by singing his own version of Atelier Online’s opening theme. Here’s the music video for Atelier Online’s opening theme, “Kiniro no Recipe” or (“Golden Recipe”) (Mel Kishida version):


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