Atelier Rorona Plus for the 3DS is close to release in Japan

A couple of days ago I blogged about how I loved the game that I’m playing at the moment on my Vita, Atelier Rorona Plus: the Alchemist of Arland. In the blog, that you can find here, I mentioned as a side note that a Chibi-fied version will be released on the 3DS in Japan. It’s been really quiet around this game, even though the release date of March 26 is really close.

I got some questions to give some extra info about the game, and to explain what Chibi-fied is. First of all, Chibi is a term in Japanese that refers to “little”. So all the usual characters in Atelier Rorona look more cutesy in the 3DS version, as you can see in this screen picture. Chibi, gust, Sterk, Esty, Gio, snow bombThis doesn’t mean that it will be a lesser game then the Vita version, mind you. There will be some differences, but they sound interesting! The game features a revamped battle system where players look down on a grid-like field. Players see the enemies on the field before encountering them. So, more of a strategy RPG.

The game comes with a little extra too: If you meet certain conditions in the game, you’ll unlock another mode/game called Atelier Astrid, where you play out the younger days of Astrid Zexis and Sterkenburg Cranach. A very nice addition, as I think these games are really strong in their story telling. I like the way you can have several endings to the game based on choices you make during the game!


Rorona, totori, mereru, homononculus


  1. Oh i didn’t know! Thanks for sharing 🙂
    I have never played an Atelier game, but i have so many on my wishlist for the PS3. Which says something, because i hardly play on the PS3 (Xbox fangirl all the way 😉 ). If this would come to Europe, i’m definitely getting it!

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