Automachef: puzzles, fast food and robots

Let’s see. A combination of Fast Food, complicated puzzles, managing a factory of robots. Hmm, a very tempting prospect to me. I love myself a good management game, and Automachef seems to tick all the boxes. Made by indie developer Hermes Interactive from Argentina, and coming to the Nintendo Switch and Steam this Fall.

Make a kitchen production line

Build automatic kitchens for a robotic Fast Food tycoon who believes he’s a human. A veritable nightmare scenario. For the kitchen, you can choose from dozens of different machines to build it in exactly the way you want! Conveyor belts, robotic arms, splitters, computers, gates and much more! It’s up to you to make sure your production line works well. Created the perfect production line? You can then save your plans as blueprints to use in future kitchens.

To do so you can program your own computer in assembly code, or using a simple visual editor, to make other machines, such as robotic arms or ingredients dispensers, do what you want. All in all there are 30 campaign levels, 10 bonus levels, three game modes, dozens of different recipes to prepare, special events and of course, some disasters to overcome.

Several modes available

Sounds a bit daunting to you? Don’t worry (yet) as there will be three modes: when you take on the campaign you can build a business in Contracts Mode or practice your builds and play freely in Test Site Mode. You are not alone in your struggles, you’ll be accompanied by (Robot) Robert Person who will offer you help and abundant, definitely human charm.

The recipes to make are for human food (luckily). Think a tasty cheeseburger or crunchy salad, each recipe requires different machines with different commands to make it, and the combo meals will add another level of difficulty.

Sounds like fun! Check out the trailer below, and we will keep an eye out!

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